The 7600i is a full service island ATM. Consumers can deposit cash and receive dispensed cash and transaction records through openings in the fascia. Installed in drive-up locations or shopping center parking areas, the island ATM is a versatile, easily maintained delivery system that can be modified to keep pace with the bank’s changing needs

Proven deposit automation technology is provided from in-house designed and manufactured envelope-free deposit modules.

The Monimax 7600i provides continual deposit and cash service to customers with industry-leading uptime rates.



  • Screen Display:15″ color TFT LCD, Privacy filter, sunlight readable
  • Input Type:PCI EPP (Encrypting Pin Pad), ADA Compliant, function keys, touch screen, tilting screen
  • Security:Electronic Lock, KABA Mas Cencon Lock, Security Camera, UL291 Level 1, Seismic and heat sensors and alarm
  • Card Reader:IC Card Reader (optional), Anti-skimming (optional), Dip type card reader, Motorized hybrid card reader
  • Cash Dispenser:Up to four cassettes, 3,000 notes cassette, bundle retraction, automatic shutter


Download Brochure – 7600i XL