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Choosing the right electronic security partner can create a competitive advantage for your organization and help to protect employees, clients, and assets. Wittenbach‘s deep expertise across industries ensures that your electronic security keeps pace with emerging technology, partnering with industry-leading manufacturers on video surveillance systems, access control systems, intrusion alarms, and more.

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Surveillance cameras provide a range of benefits for businesses. They are an effective way to monitor and record activity within a specific area, which can help to deter potential criminal activity and ensure the safety and security of people and property. Surveillance cameras are used in parking lots, vestibules and secured areas to monitor criminal activity, loitering, tailgating, employee performance and adherence to safety protocols, which can assist with risk management protocols. Additionally, footage captured by surveillance cameras, saved on DVRs and NVRs, can be used as evidence in legal proceedings and can help to identify potential suspects and aid in the investigation of crimes.

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These alarms can detect any unauthorized entry into the premises, triggering an alert to notify the authorities or designated personnel. Installing a commercial security alarm system can help to deter criminal activity, protect assets and inventory, and provide peace of mind for business owners and employees. Depending on the system, the alarm may sound loudly within the building, the security company may be contacted automatically, or both. If the alarm is monitored by a security company, they will receive an immediate notification and will act according to the pre-established alarm monitoring protocol.

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Commercial access control is necessary to ensure the security of an organization. By installing an access control system, businesses can restrict access to doors, parking lots and certain areas of buildings to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed entry. This helps to prevent theft, vandalism, and other security risks. Additionally, access control systems can provide a record of who has entered and exited areas, which can be useful in the event of an incident or investigation. Overall, commercial access control is essential for maintaining a safe and secure workplace environment.


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Installation begins with our experienced engineering team that will map out your custom specs to meet your organization’s unique needs. Every company has needs from surveillance, loitering deterrence, monitoring and more. Wittenbach meets your needs with the support of our installation, service technicians, customer support, managed services, monitoring and more. To set up a free consultation, click here.

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At Wittenbach, we put the customer first. Our project managers and customer support teams work with vendors, engineers, installers and monitors to make sure your project runs smoothly. Your time is valuable, so we have the team in place to keep your project moving.

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Since electronic security is one of Wittenbach’s four main pillars, our installation experts make the priorities of your project their own. They are deeply trained in the products and processes of our strategic partners, ensuring that they understand your purchases inside and out. They have experience in financial institutions and other industries, giving them a unique, well-rounded perspective to guide you through installation questions and best practices.

Alarm Monitoring


Alarm monitoring services can enhance security systems you have already implemented, providing trained,  and watchful eyes over your institution 24/7 for your peace of mind.

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Worry less. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, our friendly techs are here to answer the call. We are available to get the job done and get you back to business.

Managed Services


Our trained professionals specialize in remote monitoring to keep your equipment and technology operating at its best, so you can focus on your clients.

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Download our comprehensive Access Control e-guide for insight into proper implementation, maintenance best practices, and Wittenbach-recommended products from our strategic partners. Learn all about how to optimize your Access Control solutions, keeping your employees, clients, and assets secure.

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