Cash Automation

Wittenbach has been consulting, installing and servicing world-class cash handling services and equipment throughout the East Coast and Midwest since 1974.

The modern banking landscape is ever-changing, and businesses need to be prepared for the future. Desktop solutions from Wittenbach can help your business stay ahead of the curve. As long as cash is circulating, financial institutions and large retail businesses must rise to meet clients’ demand. Even so, managing cash transactions can be a costly, time-consuming process. The many costs and risks that factor into handling cash may seem obvious, but others are more subtle.

Wittenbach’s desktop banking solutions offer a variety of features that can save you time and money, equipping businesses and branches with the latest industry knowledge and tools. You can trust Wittenbach to help drive efficiency and deliver a return on your technology investments from teller cash recyclers and dispensers to numerous other desktop cash automation systems.

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“A TCR combines a bill counter, a small storage vault, and an ATM-like cash dispenser. The latest designs are incredibly accurate for counting even old or damaged bills and can detect counterfeits easily.”

– Hyosung Innovue


Excellent service is at the center of everything we do. From consulting and installation to in-field servicing and management, we have the team and tools to help your branch stand out from the crowd. You can depend on our trained technicians to provide our signature customer service with a smile whenever you need it!

ATM ITM Consultation


Understanding your needs from the start is job number one. It helps us design a solution that’s built just for you, with the efficiency, productivity, and security that you need.

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Feel confident knowing that our trained experts will properly install, integrate and get your new products up and running, so you can see the benefits on day one.

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Worry less. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, our friendly techs are here to answer the call. We are available to get the job done and get you back to business.

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At Wittenbach, we put the customer first. Our project managers work seamlessly with vendors, engineers, and installers, completing projects with as little downtime as possible for your business. A world-class customer support team ensures that you have the tools for success, both during and after your project.


Tech On The Way

Tech On The Way is an exclusive Wittenbach customer program that provides transparency, sets expectations, and creates lasting relationships with our service technicians. The customer is informed by email updates and phone calls that include the name of the technician and the ETA of when help will arrive. The technician will be in contact with the location within the system. This creates an invaluable alliance and makes Wittenbach a preferred vendor for service across the cash automation industry.



Hyosung MS500

Hyosung technology takes all of the guesswork out of accounting and provides automated and accurate reporting that details cash on hand at any given moment. Hyosung’s complete solution set includes: Recycling ATMs and TCRs, Cash Manage-ment Software, and a Transit Cassette Interface. Improve customer service, maximize your teller’s time, and minimize cash in transit. For all these reasons and more, Hyosung’s MS500 is the best investment to complete your branch transformation project.

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Hysosung MS500EL

Hyosung’s latest TCR (Teller Cash Recycler) is designed as the entry-level TCR model for financial institutions seeking the most reliable and proven cash recycling technology while maximizing return on investment. The MS500EL streamlines cashier productivity with TCR functionality previously unavailable in its class, leveraging the latest in TCR technology including stacked cassettes, high speed, capacity, and Windows 10 security.

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Zeus was developed to move cash discrimination forward. The Zeus streamlines cash processing; making it faster, easier and more accurate regardless of bill condition. Zeus has the leading-edge bill recognition, unsurpassed counterfeit detection, and minimalistic machine design all driven by an extremely intuitive user interface.

Try Zeus and you’ll quickly know why it defines a new dawn in currency discrimination.


  • High definition LCD screen with user-configurable color settings. Keyboard has hot keys for faster mode changes, less scrolling. Count new or worn bills smoothly without jamming. Counting speed, mixed: 800/1000/bill/min Hopper capacity: 500 bills, Reject capacity: 100 bills, Stacker capacity: 200 bills.
  • Strap by number – Build bands or straps of bills for tellers, cashiers, and vault. Zeus offers both pre-set and custom strap amounts: 100-50-25-20-10 presets, 1-100 adjustable. Strap by amount – Eliminate hand sorting and counting for large customer withdrawals. Input the desired amount the customer wants, then count. Zeus automatically stops when it reaches the amount. Strap by denomination – Set tills and drawers easily! Input count of each denomination needed. Zeus counts the specified number per denomination and sends all other bills to the reject pocket.
  • Count detail screen shows value and count by denomination. Total number and value of bills are displayed throughout count. Usage: Count incoming money shipments, conduct vault audits, buy and sell from vault. Reject screen identifies reason for reject. Screen shows count and pieces only of the sorted denomination.

The Cassida Pro Series Apollo packs all of the power of the Zeus in a new, more affordable one-pocket platform. Apollo boasts the same superior bill recognition technology, superior counterfeit detection, information-rich reporting and friendly user interface for the Cassida Pro Series has become known. Apollo also features a convenient storage shelf that’s the perfect place to store batch bands, pens and more.

  • Modes: Mixed, Sort, Face, Orient, Piece Count, ValuSort™, Strapping
  • Strapping by Number of Bills: 100-50-25-20-10 Presets, 1-100 Adjustable
  • Strapping by Amount: ✔
  • Strapping by Denomination: ✔