ATMs and ITMs are the leading technology driver in the branch transformation revolution with functionality including: Deposit Automation, Video Teller, Recycling, and Core Integration.  We work with you to design, deploy, and deliver the right solution mix for your branch types and applications.  Read More »

Cash Automation

Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) secure your people and your cash in the modern, open floor plan environment.  We also consistently hear from you that limiting the manual handling of cash is a requirement to improving branch operational efficiency.Read More »

Electronic Security

Electronic security, including intrusion alarms, surveillance systems, and access control are continuously evolving as new technology emerges.  Our trained technicians and account managers design innovative systems that keep your location safe and secure, provide theft deterrent, and help you manage your assets.Read More »

Physical Security

Physical security, also known as conventional branch equipment, includes: Pneumatic Tube Drive-Up Systems, Deal Drawers, TL-15 Chests, Safe Deposit Boxes, Vaults, Vault Doors, and Under Counter Steele.  These solutions have stood the test of time and continue to play an important role in securing your branches and servicing your clients.Read More »

About Us

Wittenbach is on a mission to help banks and credit unions transform how they service their customers in the branch. With decades providing proven products and integrity-driven solutions and support to nationally known banks and credit unions, Wittenbach has the experience, knowledge and expertise to solve our customers biggest branch transformation challenges in cash automation, physical security and electronic security.

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Contactless Transactions

Contactless Transactions Our ITMs can support cardless transactions Depending on your ATM processor Hyosung's ITMs can support cardless transactions. Instead of dipping or inserting a card, a mobile phone is tapped on the NFC reader. When your ITM...