8200QT Full Function Recycling ATM



Small Footprint

For branches with limited floor space and lower traffic, this provides the ideal consumer experience and investment return.  The 8200QT modern look and feel is just what customers expect in today’s service economy.

Optimum Solution

The advanced cash recycling technology built by Nautilus Hyosung will help financial institutions benefit from cash dispensing, cash deposit, and recycling.  In this manner, cash is efficiently managed.  All five cassettes can be operated independently in dispense, deposit, and recycling mode to enable optimum utilization for effective self service operations.  With the addition of a check acceptance module, check deposit is enabled.

Maximize Productivity

The 8200QT is designed to facilitate the move of a high percentage of routine transactions from the teller line to the self service channel.  In this manner, the role of the branch personnel evolves from transaction service to relationship building and sales.

Download the Brochure – MX8200QT