Wittenbach Partner Spotlight: dormakaba for Physical Security

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The world of physical security is multi-faceted, offering many ways across many industries to protect facilities and the employees, clients, and valuables within them. Strategic partnerships in physical security are one way that we at Wittenbach embrace deep expertise in this area, and our partner dormakaba outfits both financial institutions and other commercial spaces with the tools to remain secure against both internal and external criminal activity.

Wittenbach’s strategic partner dormakaba is a leader in safe and vault protection, door hardware, and other physical security products that keep your establishment safe.

Below, we will discuss dormakaba’s storied, capable history in the physical security sector, as well as many of the ways that Wittenbach can equip your branch or business with their suite of durable, high-quality products.

Partner spotlight on dormakaba, our partner in physical security

Wittenbach’s strategic partner dormakaba is a leader in safe and vault protection, door hardware, and other physical security products that keep your establishment safe.

Who is dormakaba? Comprised of two merged companies, DORMA and Kaba, their products are applicable in nearly all parts of a community. The company name is now formatted all lowercase to signify that one original entity was not more important than the other. As their global footprint grows, the dormakaba team strives to meet clients wherever they are: financial institutions, commercial facilities, schools, hospitals, retail stores, laboratories, and government buildings. In a recent company-wide purpose video, dormakaba explained their philosophy, saying, “We provide safety, security to these places for people to move seamlessly and shape their lives. This is what our societies require; this is what has driven us for more than 150 years.”

DORMA was founded in 1908, purveying door solutions, access control, attendance recording, and more. 46 years earlier, in 1862, Kaba opened its doors in the same vein, specializing across industries in access control, keys, and time recording. In September 2015, the companies joined forces to form dormakaba Group, rising to the top of expert physical security firms with an eye on sustainability.

Wittenbach thoughtfully selects industry-leading partners, including the globally-renowned dormakaba. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in dormakaba’s products and processes, ensuring a seamless selection, installation, and maintenance process at your firm.

Featured dormakaba products to keep your business safe 

Wittenbach’s strategic partner dormakaba is a leader in safe and vault protection, door hardware, and other physical security products that keep your establishment safe.

Wittenbach’s strategic partners are experts in their fields, and our partnership with dormakaba is a great example of both an exceptional product line and expert team. Below we would like to highlight several recommended products that can be custom-tailored for unique security operations and building layouts.

Safe and vault locks: We recommend the Auditcon 2 Series lock as a best-in-class option for securing safes and vaults in bank and credit union branches. Also, this applies to retail and commercial settings in which safes must store cash and other valuables daily. Dormakaba says, “Auditcon’s security cannot be compromised by outside manipulation and provides unprecedented audit capacity.” The Auditcon 2 Series features three models, all of which are self-powered on PowerStar® Technology, protecting each unit from power outages. Each model also has time delay access, keeping valuables safe across a broad range of settings. 

  • Model 52/T52: This unit accommodates two users, six-digit code access, and basic functions for electronic locking. It can be configured with round or vertical housing, and a deadbolt or swing bolt, providing options to custom-fit your safe or vault.
  • Model 252: The next model up from the 52/T52 accommodates 20 shared users and records an audit trail of the 100 most recent entries and attempts, ensuring that you have visibility into access trends and timing.
  • Model 552: The third, advanced lock in the Auditcon 2 Series provides the broadest functionality of all. The 552 boasts time window access, time delay, time locking, audit capabilities, and the capacity for up to 99 users. With multiple configuration settings, it provides both ease of use and peace of mind, auditing the 400 most recent entry attempts.

We also recommend the LA GARD 700 Series as a best-in-class safe lock, with the LA GARD 702 standard keypad model having replaced its hugely popular predecessor, the 39e. The LA GARD 700 Series features five models, the basic, the standard and trusted 702, and the more technologically advanced 703-705. With the 702D, 703, 704, and 705 models containing a 1.28” OLED display and extended battery life, these safe locks include intuitive user management capabilities for settings in which multiple employees must enter the safe. Further, since the  introduction of the display screen, we have heard reports of as much as a 60% decrease in change calls, thereby delivering a stronger client experience.

The LA GARD 700 Series locks also boast time delay functionality, meaning that users can only enter after a certain period of time has elapsed, deterring internal theft. A single, unified software platform is another hallmark of the 700 Series, allowing you to scale and upgrade your locks when necessary, and install software updates that continue to protect your unit and its valuable contents throughout its lifespan. 

Door hardware: Door hardware can ensure that your facility remains secure from intruders; per dormakaba, “Security, function, and visual appeal are the foundation of door hardware that architects, builders, designers, and end users expect from dormakaba. [] A wide list of closers, operators, locks, exit devices, and electronic access control components are offered to fit any size or style door.” 

dormakaba’s best-known door hardware products include keys and cores, mechanical pushbutton locks, fire and life safety devices, electronic access control components, and door closers. Each product in this array can help to bar unauthorized access to your branch or business, and serve to ensure that all lives and valuables remain intact. 

Other products: In addition to the above mentioned safe and building components, dormakaba offers physical security in the form of entrance systems, interior glass systems, lodging systems, and solutions for residential spaces with multiple tenants and visitors. 

The dormakaba sustainability commitment spans across all of their operations and product lines, keeping an eye on economic, environmental, and social responsibilities. They advise, “…we focus on three Pillars: People, Planet and Partnerships. We are ready and determined to take action for a low carbon and circular economy, to empower our people so that they can unlock their full potential, and to collaborate with others in our value chain to promote sustainable development.” dormakaba’s most recent sustainability report outlined climate-related initiatives, supplier due diligence on those deemed high sustainability risks, an employee health and safety program, and more. 

In Summary 

The quality of our strategic partners at Wittenbach directly translates to the quality of product and experience that our clients receive. Our staff is trained on the latest dormakaba products and processes, applying both Wittenbach’s customer-centric mindset and the manufacturer’s commitment to responsible sustainability when installing and servicing physical security products within your business. Contact us today to learn more about dormakaba and the ways that you can improve physical security within your branch or business. 

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