The Kaba Mas Lock – A New Generation of High-Security Locks for Financial Institutions and Branches

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Both sturdy and thoughtful in design, Kaba Mas locks are a solid choice for branch security. Not only do these locks meet strict federal government security standard, their durable and modern design ensures that any currency, sensitive documents, and other valuables within your financial institution’s branches will be safe from intruders and environmental factors. 

The Kaba Mas lock can be operated by anyone

Meet the Auditcon 2 lock series by Kaba Mas! The latest in their line of commercially-inspired electronic locks, the manufacturer states, “Utilizing the award-winning PowerStar™ technology, the Auditcon’s security cannot be compromised by outside manipulation and provides unprecedented audit capability, making it an effective deterrent to internal theft.” Kaba Mas’ technology is designed to withstand even extreme environmental conditions. Not only intended for financial, commercial, and industrial applications, the durable Kaba Mas locks are trusted by the U.S. federal government. You heard us right: these are used by the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, and even Air Force One! As a result, the Kaba Mas design principles and capabilities also naturally dovetail with the security needs of your bank or credit union.

Technical Specs of the Kaba Mas Auditcon 2 series: 252 and 552 locks

Wittenbach has compiled all of the technical features of these trusted vault and safe lock so you don’t have to search any further. This video provides the major highlights, touching upon the fact that the Auditcon 252 and 552 locks will never require scheduled maintenance due to their battery-free self-powered technology. Read on for more:

Auditcon 2 series 252 lock:

  • Can accommodate up to 20 individual users
  • Can come in round configuration or vertical configuration
  • Downloadable audit trail of up to the 100 most recent actions

Auditcon 2 series 552 lock:

  • Can accommodate a high volume of 99 individual users
  • Can come in round configuration or vertical configuration
  • Downloadable audit trail of up to the 400 most recent actions

Both units feature a time delay override option for when an incorrect security number is selected too many times. A choice of deadbolt designs means that you can choose from the “slide bolt”, which automatically locks when the safe handle is closed, or the standard “deadbolt”, which functions like a traditional combination dial lock. In addition, a one-year warranty accompanies every purchase of a Kaba Mas lock, ensuring that each unit sold is free from defects in material and workmanship. 

When installing the Kaba Mas lock on your branch’s safe, vault, or cabinet, you may choose to keep the factory-set lock combination or replace it with a new eight-digit code to allow entry, increased from the lower-model 52/T52 for heightened security. Each Kaba Mas lock can operate in three modes, as outlined below:

  • Single Combination Mode: The Auditcon 2 series 252 or 552 will open when one combination is successfully dialed.

  • Dual Combination Mode: Two separate combinations are required to open the lock. Either combination may be dialed first; however, the operator must begin entering the second combination within 40 seconds of completing the first combination.

  • Supervisory/Subordinate Mode: The Supervisory Combination controls access of the Subordinate Combination. The Supervisory Combination must be entered first to unlock the lock. Once the Supervisory Combination has been entered, the Subordinate Combination can be used to open the lock at any time during this “unlocked” state. The Supervisory Combination can be entered again to disable lock access. In this state the Subordinate Combination will no longer open the lock.

Another feature which promotes branch security and ease of use is the Auditcon 2 series’ unique self-powered capability, eliminating concerns of failure due to battery life. Kaba Mas electrical engineer Ben Redmon states in this video, “We believe that the self-powered technology is one of the key things that separates us from our competitors. […] As an engineer, when I’m given a project, not only do I consider the specifications as written, but I try to put myself in the shoes of the person that’s going to interact with or operate the lock that I’m part of designing.”

The Auditcon 2 series software is Microsoft Windows compatible, and allows you to have visibility into how many users are allotted to the system, as well as recent audit history. The software also permits you to upload configuration into the lock itself, such as setup options, more users, and time windows.

How does this lock promote branch security?

The development of the Auditcon 2 series of Kaba Mas locks sent these models into a harsh battery of tests, through which it has successfully come out the other side. The lock operates in conditions between -31 degrees and 151 degrees Fahrenheit, and was tested in 24 continuous hours of salt spray. In anticipation of any other potentially extreme conditions and threats to government or branch security, Kaba Mas locks undergo tests of vibration and shock, humidity, and more.

For your branch, that means that the Kaba Mas lock will hold up against nearly any intruder; it is undefeated by sledgehammers and other tools that criminals may use to try and breach your safe, vault, cabinet, or ATM. It also outlasts virtually any environmental condition that could arise.


A powerful combination—no pun intended—of U.S. government-regulated security standards and innovative lock design has resulted in the Auditcon 2 series of Kaba Mas locks. Safeguard your branch today with this and other products in Wittenbach’s expert wheelhouse of physical security. And don’t forget: if questions arise, you can reach out here to Wittenbach’s approachable and knowledgeable support team for information!