Wittenbach Partner Spotlight: DMP

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Wittenbach’s fastest-expanding area of service is Electronic Security. Our team actively tracks, reviews and evaluates technological innovations for all settings in which electronic security is relevant: banks and credit unions, hospitals, schools and campuses, pharmacies, government buildings, transportation centers, and more, so we are always ready to provide assistance. Whenever there is a need for a consultation, evaluation, or request for information regarding securing employee workplaces, assets or locations, our team responds right away to provide support in understanding products and in giving product recommendations and consultations. No one in the industry is faster or offers our technical services. 

The marketplace is changing rapidly. In addition, new trends in criminal activity continue to emerge, such as the entire new collaborative nature of crime, creating an even greater and complicated security environment. Wittenbach’s VP of Sales, Nathan Derr, says, “Today, our customers need our help more than ever, to find efficiencies in securing spaces, valuables and protecting employees and their customers”. There is a heightened customer service need that is simply unprecedented. At Wittenbach, we are working harder than ever to rise to this customer service need, to ensure each of our customers receives the consultative, business systems, surveillance, alarm monitoring and project management expertise required for their unique business needs. For example, we have resources, such as this free, Access Control e-guide, and monthly webinars, to provide valuable information.    

At Wittenbach, we proudly keep Electronic Security at the forefront of our focus, as one of our four pillars. Our team garners great satisfaction in providing the expertise, guidance and resources needed to create peace of mind in your workplace. For example, today, video recording and access to the cloud can be managed remotely, which offers teams like yours the chance to manage security protocols more seamlessly. In fact, handling security remotely is the most efficient way to secure multiple locations. When customers are able to supervise all of their one locations from one central hub, they can be more proactive and also reactive to security threats. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your business, locations and employee framework to help create a curated branch transformation plan that will bring out the best in your branch, credit union or organization. 

With the right suite of Electronic Security services, you can deter crime, and apprehend the intruders and vandals who disrupt the normal flow of transactions. In an area such as a bank or credit union that processes a high daily volume of cash, sensitive information, valuables, and client traffic, several different kinds of electronic security, such as the DMP’s XV-24 with Alarm Vision™.

DMP’s 2023 entry on its roadmap of innovation, the new XV-24 with AlarmVision™, is what DMP refers to as “The intelligent motion detector of tomorrow”.

DMP, Proud Strategic Partner

At Wittenbach, our strategic partnerships help elevate our commitment to world class customer service. Our partnership with DMP always delivers. Their mission to provide customer-driven products through listening, anticipating needs and responding quickly with innovative solutions that work aligns perfectly with ours. No wonder we have been partners for 21 years.

About DMP

Since 1975, DMP has designed panels and user interfaces so systems can be scaled to fit your security needs, cost-effectively. System software can be upgraded remotely to maintain and preserve the lasting value of your security system. 

Panel hardware is similarly designed for application flexibility. From a single interface, you manage your system’s access control, fire and intrusion. Add the integrated features you need simply by activating the access control programming and adding devices — saving you the cost of swapping out entire panels or purchasing additional single-function panels. Backward and forward compatibility allows you to add new keypads and sensors to legacy panels or keep older peripherals while you add new panel features and more capacity. DMP’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems’ open architecture is designed for third-party integration, giving you the flexibility to expand your current system or allow for future growth. Add CCTV and video applications, detection devices and environmental and process control systems, as needed, to avoid lapses in security. Additional system flexibility and scalability can be derived from our complete line of intrusion, fire and access control devices. Ease of two-way wireless programming and installation enables rapid deployment and configuration when time is a critical factor.

DMP’s 2023 entry on its roadmap of innovation, the new XV-24 with AlarmVision™, is what DMP refers to as “The intelligent motion detector of tomorrow”.

The DMP Advantage

Look to DMP integrated systems for intrusion, fire, access and network monitoring with these critical benefits: 

  • The cost savings of an integrated system
  • Commercial off-the-shelf software for third-party integration
  • User menus designed for ease of use
  • Tried and tested network monitoring for faster reliable reporting and multiple-site control from remote or onsite locations 
  • Access control scheduling that supports operational efficiency
  • Card Plus Pin arming/disarming
  • Hardware designed, engineered and manufactured in Springfield, Missouri, with U.S. and global components
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DMP’s 2023 entry on its roadmap of innovation, the new XV-24 with AlarmVision™, is what DMP refers to as “The intelligent motion detector of tomorrow”. The XV-24 with AlarmVision comes with a fast set-up and the capability of reducing false alarms. It can also send notifications to property owners and monitoring centers if an event occurs, real-time notifications, including video clips sent with the detected activity notice to monitoring stations and end users for immediate review and response. The technology leverages analytics to trigger alarms into XR Series panels. DMP’s XV-24 with AlarmVision turns your customers’ cameras into a crime deterrent tool, giving them peace of mind that their property is being actively monitored.

DMP’s XV-24 with AlarmVision even made the Springfield Business Journal’s 2023 list of the “Coolest Things Made in the Ozarks”. Industry experts refer to AlarmVision’s patent-pending technology as being seamlessly integrated with cameras, and analytics, affirming that the XR Series creates a smart motion detector that triggers panel responses and alarms in real time. 

Features include:

  • Define where users want to detect activity within a camera’s field of view
  • Specify what activity users want to detect – person, vehicle and/or animal
  • Schedule when detection of that activity should trigger a response

According to DMP, its Dealer Admin provides dealers a single interface to program cameras, analytics, and panel zones, while Virtual Keypad provides users with a single interface to monitor and manage their video activity.

“A key advantage to AlarmVision is how it can be used for false alarm reduction as it will simultaneously notify both the end user and monitoring center for verification when a defined event occurs,” adds Barrett Hillenburg, product manager of software applications for DMP.

DMP’s 2023 entry on its roadmap of innovation, the new XV-24 with AlarmVision™, is what DMP refers to as “The intelligent motion detector of tomorrow”.

Why Choose DMP?

The DMP scalable solutions for intrusion detection systems (IDS) and deterrence provide encrypted, versatile, high-level physical security with secure communications to keep personnel informed in times of emergency and help ensure a rapid, informed response. 

DMP works with authorized dealers, integration partners and government security directors to devise reliable, powerful solutions based on field knowledge, shared information and the need for redundant processes. 

Secure Network Monitoring of Alarm Signals

The DMP control panel used for high-security and UL2050 SCIF applications incorporates the U.S. government’s approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Rijndael Encryption and has received the industry’s first UL Listing for Highline Security with NIST-approved 128-bit or 256- bit encryption. 

Secure Systems, Easy Operation

To make system operation simple and effective, DMP’s Prox Patch™ attaches to a cell phone, wallet or other portable device, allowing access to authorized users identified by the patch. Prox Patch software includes options for credential verification and anti-passback control.  

Flexibility in Schedules

DMP panels have enhanced scheduling for areas, doors, outputs and holiday schedules. The same schedule may be assigned to more than one area, door or output, making them reusable.

Reporting Features Pay Off in Added Safety, Security and Accountability

With System LinkTM software, your integrated system can automatically report facility opening/ closing times, staff arrival times, sensor activation times and patrol check-in times. Systems alert personnel with visual and auditory signals designed for redundancy, descriptive accuracy and critical feedback about security status. This can become a helpful reporting tool for your business.  

In Summary 

We are proud of our long-time relationship with DMP, as one of Wittenbach’s prized, strategic partnerships. We share with DMP the drive to provide world class solutions. Contact us today to learn more about DMP and the ways we can curate powerful solutions to secure your business.