Spotlight on Wittenbach Partners: DMP for Electronic Security

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At Wittenbach, we have deep partnerships that align with our principles and tie into our foundational pillars. Manufacturer DMP is one of those partners, deeply rooted in the area of electronic security. This Springfield, Missouri-based industry leader adds a human touch to their technological prowess, touting a “Quality first, quality fast” motto and team-focused values such as kindness, fun, and generosity alongside profit, innovation and initiative, and responsiveness. DMP is known for the DMP Virtual Keypad, access control systems, alarm panels, and hold-up buttons for financial institutions and other businesses, intrusion protection, as well as other wireless solutions.

Sold by authorized dealers and distributors around the world, DMP manufactures all products in the United States. By only working selectively with partners, DMP ensures that these sellers and installers—Wittenbach included—are thoroughly trained at an expert level. This knowledge translates into an easy, confident service experience when a client purchases new or upgraded DMP products.

DMP has supported financial institutions since their founding years; founded in 1975, one of their earliest clients was Wells Fargo. They continue to support the financial industry today, as well as many other industries which require a high level of sensitivity and security. These range from hospitals to schools and campuses, retail stores, commercial warehouses and factories, residential spaces, and government complexes.

DMP Virtual Keypad for Electronic Security

Highlighted DMP products and services

  • Access control: DMP has a suite of access control systems and accessories that can outfit your branch or business. Compatible with cards, keypads, and/or mobile devices, each system comes with a different set of features and price point to best respect your financial institution’s space and budget requirements.
  • Control panels: DMP alarm panel XR550 combines intrusion alarm and access control functionality. It can be scaled from a small business or residence to a larger facility with multiple high-security zones. The manufacturer explains, “[The XR550 has a] robust list of features and functions without complicated programming or installation.”
  • Keypads: The Virtual Keypad is the next evolution of access control, allowing for remote management of your security system via tablet or computer. This cloud-based solution provides seamless management of users, schedules, and holidays, as well as arming and disarming security features at the touch of a button.
  • Wireless hold-up buttons: The 1142 Two-Button Wireless Panic model is an under-the-counter hold-up button that alerts authorities in the event of an intruder or other emergency. It can also be programmed to arm and disarm security features, and has extended battery life so branch security is always in focus.

DMP Virtual Keypad for Electronic Security

Learn more about DMP

We have compiled resources below to familiarize you with DMP’s company culture and offerings, and to illustrate the innovative, customer-centric mindset behind these products. If you have already invested in DMP access control or hold-up buttons, then these self-service resources can supplement your team’s knowledge of system capabilities and drive further empowerment and adoption of the tools you already own.

  • DMP corporate overview:
    Get to know our trusted partner in electronic security! This video covers their commitment to the safety of people and property. CEO Rick Britton outlines his family’s founding of DMP and a brief note on the company’s evolution. The video also provides and overview of DMP’s flagship products. They contend, “Just as important as the products DMP builds, are the values DMP holds.”
  • Understanding the DMP Virtual Keypad’s new features:
    This is a one-hour “Technology Series” webinar led by DMP’s Jon Adams, Executive Director of Business Development and product expert. It covers new features available in the DMP Virtual Keypad, such as: adding invalid access codes, creating a batch user import via CSV file to manage your workforce access from another system, creating custom personnel roles to allow access to various buildings and zones, and in-app system panic features which trigger emergency responders based on the geographic location of the specific system you are trying to enter.
  • Access Control with DMP:
    This webinar is part of DMP’s “Tech Training Tuesdays” series with Tim Nissen, Director of Training. DMP understands the necessity of ensuring their physical security products are used correctly, and empowering branch and business teams with that knowledge. In this video, Nissen discusses the inner workings of the XR Control Panel; per our recent blog post on access control, this accepts information from the reader, determining whether access should be permitted. Nissen and a colleague also cover the capabilities of user codes and configurations, scheduled overrides, zone designation, and the deeper mechanics and functions of access control.

DMP Virtual Keypad for Electronic Security

As we continue along the path of this partnership blog series, the focus will sharpen on Wittenbach’s purpose to deliver innovation and transform branches and businesses by “providing proven products and integrity-driven solutions and support.” DMP’s suite of access control, alarm panels, hold-up buttons, and related products allow branches to modernize their security efforts with minimal disruption due to installation. Contact Wittenbach to schedule a free consultation to discuss your financial institution’s current physical security landscape and future goals.