Product Launch Alert: Meet the Hyosung Series 7 ATMs

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In recent weeks, the industry-leading ATM manufacturer Hyosung announced the launch of a new product, the Series 7 ATMs. While Hyosung offers top-of-the-line ATMs and ITMs with full-fledged functionality such as the 8300 Series, they recognized a need for more cost-conscious models that still focus on product quality.

Hyosung America reports, “Our most affordable, bank grade full-function ATM series is designed for moderate volumes and maximum performance. The new Series 7, which includes the 7T (thru-the-wall walk-up), 7D (thru-the-wall drive-up) and 7I (island drive-up), has a new, redesigned form factor to minimize footprint while maximizing usability. All devices come standard with a 5-high cash dispenser and CCIM Check and Cash Depositor. The Series 7 provides a modern update to the legacy 7600 ATMs.”

Product Launch Alert: Meet the Hyosung Series 7 ATMs

Technical specs of the Hyosung Series 7 ATMs

The Series 7 ATMs—the 7D, a drive-up model; the 7T, a through-the-wall model; and the 7I, and island model—launched alongside several other Hyosung products intended to drive efficiency and save on cost. This product launch video outlines all products released in October. Per ATM Marketplace, Hyosung America’s CMO Brad Nolan said, “[…] we recognize that banks of all sizes have differentiated needs based on branch size, services offered and staffing models. The Series 7 ATMs and MS500EL TCR were designed to create cost effective solutions for banks that want to enable transformational customer and employee experiences at a cost-effective price point.”

The features of the Series 7 ATMs include the following:

  • Environmental conditions: each unit can withstand temperatures from 32 degrees F to 104 degrees F; with a heater, it can function normally as low as 14 degrees F. Each ATM can also withstand 85% humidity, allowing it to function in virtually all but the most extreme weather conditions. A seismic and heat detector is also installed to protect each machine from environmental harm.
  • Technology: The Series 7 ATMs all run on modern Windows 10 technology. They also contain Hyosung security and monitoring apps such as Hyosung MoniGuard™ Security, Hyosung MoniCRM™, Hyosung Connect, and Hyosung MoniManager™.

Product Launch Alert: Meet the Hyosung Series 7 ATMs

  • Customer interface: Your clients can enjoy using the 15” LCD touch screen with a privacy filter for comfort during transactions. A headphone jack with volume control allows for easy accessibility, and an integrated contactless reader allows clients to use their cards, smartwatches, or phones to transact.
  • Media handling: The main function of the ATM machine, the cash dispenser, houses four high-capacity cassettes that can hold your branch’s choice of bill denominations. The automatic shutter accepts and dispenses cash, which can be transacted in bundles. Additionally, it can promptly reject currency notes that are not fit for circulation.

    The Cash & Check In Module (CCIM) can accommodate a mixed capacity of 50 cash/checks per bundle, per transaction. It can handle a capacity of 2,000 bills and 2,000 checks.
  • Security: The Series 7 ATMs are rated UL291 Level 1 Safe. Per ARCA, “Ratings within the UL291 standard further classify safes as Business Hours or 24-hour (Level 1). As the names imply, safes rated for business hours are designed to operate with supervision. But a Level 1 rating means the safe offers acceptable protection when the equipment is unsupervised.”

    Each ATM also includes a locking device which prevents theft and can be upgraded if desired. An “awareness mirror” also allows clients to ensure nobody is lurking to watch their transactions. In addition, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) offers hardware-based security functions. Per Microsoft, “The chip includes multiple physical security mechanisms to make it tamper-resistant, and malicious software is unable to tamper with the security functions of the TPM.”
  • Additional features: A 3.1” graphical thermal receipt printer is included, as well as a backup battery that reserves the last transaction in the event of an emergency. For maintenance, rear access allows easy servicing and health indicators keep a watchful eye on the ATM’s hardware components.

Product Launch Alert: Meet the Hyosung Series 7 ATMs

Protecting your ATM investment

  • The Series 7 ATMs come with optional upgrades to keep each unit safe. Consider the available Kaba Mas Cencon ATM lock, which is developed for durability and utmost security. The manufacturer says, “The Cencon ATM Cash Vault Security System is designed to combat insider theft from ATMs through the combined use of lock hardware, systems software and Smart Keys.  Cencon offers total access control and accountability with its ‘One Time Combination’ feature. The One Time Combination is dispatched from a central location and cannot be reused at a later date, thus eliminating temptation.”
  • Ensuring your ATM fleet’s uptime is another way to make the most of your investment. In a recent blog post, we outlined the numerous ways to keep your machines online and customers transacting: anti-skimming and anti-shimming features, software maintenance, and using Wittenbach’s Managed Services team to remotely monitor your ATM machines, for example.
  • Consider a Network Video Recorder system for your branches, such as the Verint EdgeVR with face recognition capabilities; this high-resolution surveillance system uses digital IP cameras to secure your footprint, deterring intruders and vandalism. Each Series 7 ATM also offers an upgrade within the unit to include its own IP camera, to link with your NVR system.

If your financial institution is expanding your ATM fleet with budget, quality, and security in mind, look no further than the new Hyosung Series 7 ATMs. Now that you understand what each machine is capable of, let Wittenbach help you complete the lift of installing ATMs, and optimize the return on your investment.