Hyosung 8300 Series: ATM Recycling Refined for Your Branch

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Cash recycling has never been easier, thanks to Hyosung. They are a leading company, as well as an innovator when it comes to the world of said cash recycling. In recent years, they have continued on their path of innovation. The outcome: the Hyosung 8300 Series featuring the 8300D, 8300T, and 8300I.

As the experts in your branch transformation, Wittenbach will provide a thorough understanding of current ATM recycling technology. We will also explain how to choose which industry-leading Hyosung 8300 series product to best equip your branch.

Historically, cash dispensing ATMs simply allowed for withdrawals and required manual replenishing. In today’s world, cash recycling involves the deposit of cash notes into an ATM or ITM machine, which then validates these notes for authenticity and denomination. Approved cash notes are then stored in the ITM with  the same cassettes that are used in teller cash recyclers. From these cassettes the cash is then used for withdrawal, completing the recycling process.

Hyosung 8300 Series: ATM Recycling Refined for Your Branch

ATM Marketplace contends that other geographies rely less on checks and traditional cash-dispensing ATMs than in North America. Author Thomas Schulze opined that retailers and financial institutions in North America will move towards the global trend and “…are ready to make that change, especially as modern ATMs are beginning to offer larger note capacity and the ability to accept large bundles, mixed bundles and direct crediting of cash to accounts.”

In its simplest definition, ATM recycling “is used to accept and dispense cash effortlessly. This complex machine also stores cash securely, authenticates denominations, detects counterfeit, and accounts for all of the currency on hand while automating the cash cycle,” says CashTech. Per ARCA, which operates an electronic stocks and securities exchange as part of the NYSE, further explains that “Cash recycling isn’t a product or a service — it’s a holistic approach to cash management. By automating and streamlining manual cash handling processes, it impacts every process and person in a financial institution.”

Based in northern Texas, Hyosung America is a subsidiary of South Korean company Hyosung, Inc. The American division’s home city of Irving boasts, “With CEO Hee-Eun Ahn at the helm, Hyosung America prides itself as being a leader in the ATM self-service solutions marketplace. Operating in both the financial services and retail industries, they provide state-of-the-art hardware and software to its banking customers, allowing them to streamline traditionally labor-intensive tasks.”

Hyosung 8300 Series: ATM Recycling Refined for Your Branch

Low Maintenance Needed for a Hyosung 8300 Series ATM

The Hyosung 8300 Series of cash recycling machines are built with the business, the consumer, and the future in mind. When partnered with Wittenbach, controlling your Hyosung 8300 Series ATMs has never been easier. Here are some of the services that Wittenbach offers:

  • Assuming responsibility for managing, optimizing, and securing your ATM / ITM Network 
  • Performing patch management, status monitoring, diagnostics and archiving
  • Delivering synchronized marketing content to your clients
  • Providing robust reports including; transaction volume, cash contents, cash loads, software and hardware levels

These services, as well as the sleek design of the Hyosung 8300 Series cash recycling machines, means that minimal maintenance is required.

Hyosung 8300 Series: ATM Recycling Refined for Your Branch

“Meet the machines”: The Hyosung 8300 series product family

In conjunction with Hyosung America, Wittenbach’s suite of ATM recyclers offers modern and reliable products for your branch. The below Hyosung 8300 series outline aims to demystify the cash recycling and ATM selection process while sharpening the focus on each machine’s available features.

  • MX8300D ITM

Designed for drive-up banking, the MX8300D is a member of the latest generation of cash recycling ATMs. Not only can it withstand the environmental conditions required of an outdoor ATM, it offers numerous layers of security to ensure a safe and seamless drive-up experience at your branch. The card reader comes with anti-skimming and anti-shimming features, a backup battery reserves the last transaction in the event of a shutdown. A contactless reader accommodates smartwatches and phones. It also contains an earphone jack for ADA-compliant audio guidance.

For your branch’s peace of mind, a seismic and heat alarm will alert you in the event of adverse environmental conditions. Lastly, a UL291 Level 1 or CEN 1 safe in each machine ensures that all notes and checks are secure.

  • MX8300I ITM

In a similar fashion to the drive-up model, this island-format ATM recycler offers cash recycling functionality once your systems are in place to allow for it. All security features above are intact, and the configuration of this ATM allows for easy front-access maintenance when required. The MX8300 product overview outlines this machine in further detail, including the available video assistance features.

  • MX8300T ITM

Designed as a through the wall unit with a recessed screen, the MX8300T is typically installed as a wall unit and features a recessed screen for easy access. Its other defining capabilities are akin to the MX8300D and MX8300I.

Hyosung 8300 Series: ATM Recycling Refined for Your Branch

Hyosung 8300 Series ATM Features and Specifications

  • The Hyosung 8300 series ATMs include four recycling cassettes holding 2,900 notes each and one deposit cassette, which holds 2,000 notes. If you would rather buy the 8300 series to only be cash dispensing then the dispense module contains 3,000 notes per cassette. This math translates to a significant capacity for transactions, made easier with configurable denominations.
  • Easy installation is another cornerstone of the Hyosung 8300 series product family. Depending upon the model, Wittenbach can install these in your branch’s drive-through setup, attach to the building outdoors for walk-up access, or free-standing as an island. Convenient access to the front or rear, including wheelchair accessibility, means that maintenance is also manageable when necessary. State-of-health indicators also provide diagnostic information if an ATM requires servicing.
  • Reduction of human error is another benefit of a Hyosung 8300 series ATM. Since the machine accepts cash in and out in large quantities, it not only lightens the load of a traditional teller’s manual cash handling, but the ATM recycling process also reduces the frequency of cash-in-transit replenishments.
  • A flexible timeline for the cash recycling feature allows your branch to ease into this functionality at the exact right moment. All three Hyosung 8300 series models offer configurations for dispensing vs. recycling cash, as well as depositing cash and checks. When your branch is ready to lean on efficient ATM recycling, you can choose to enable this defining technology.
  • Other distinguishing features set apart the Hyosung 8300 series machines from alternatives. Sunlight viewable touch screens, intuitive software that runs on current Windows 10 technology, and a built-in camera and microphone offer ease of use, modernization, and opportunities for clear video banking.  

On top of these advantages, all of the Hyosung MX8300 series’ physical designs were made modular. Since Hyosung is a trusted company and has manufactured its own technologies, the 8300 Series machines allow for quick, easy, and non-invasive downtime. As mentioned earlier, there is minimal maintenance required for these machines, which sets this cash recycling machine apart from others in the marketplace. 

Make The Switch to Hyosung 8300 Series Cash Recycling ATMs / ITMs

In conjunction with Hyosung America, Wittenbach’s suite of ATM recyclers offers modern and reliable products for your branch. The above Hyosung 8300 series outline aims to demystify the cash recycling and ATM selection process, while sharpening the focus on each machine’s available capabilities.