Administering your Hyosung ATM and ITM Machines with Managed Services

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If your financial institution is seeking a one-stop administrator for your fleet of ATM or ITM machines, it’s time to explore Wittenbach’s Managed Services. Instead of your IT team bearing the burden of monitoring each machine, we confidently absorb that responsibility—ensuring that software patches are installed, emergencies are mitigated, and that your clients have consistent access to their funds. Additional marketing and reporting features, which we’ll outline below, add value and give you both transparency and peace of mind—freeing up your team to work on other tasks.

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Why choose Managed Services for your ATM/ITM administration?

The basics: Wittenbach allows you to leave the burden of ATM administration behind. Our trained experts perform regular software patch management, status monitoring, diagnostics and archiving to promote the health of your fleet. We perform offsite maintenance by remoting into machines at agreed-upon times, ensuring that software is up to date and hardware is functioning as intended.

Synchronized marketing information is another deliverable of Managed Services, offering messages across the financial institution’s entire footprint. The Wittenbach Managed Services Team says, “Our setup process for marking information means that we configure messages across the entire footprint at one time. This provides the client the peace of mind that all screens are displaying the same message. The client can swap out marketing messages once a quarter. Hyosung ATMs and ITMs can accommodate four static messaging screens, as well as one marketing movie. The specifications are given well in advance, to ensure that the frame rate and dimension fit the machine properly.” 

Advanced reporting is another highlight of Wittenbach’s Managed Services deliverables, offering your financial institution insight into the function and volume of your ATM or ITM fleet. Default reports are available on-demand in Microsoft Excel format, including cash analysis and uptime; these can be downloaded at any time. It is also possible to create custom reports, which amalgamate data from each transaction across the financial institution’s footprint. The custom reports can be filtered and categorized in numerous different ways, according to client preference.

Instead of administering your ATM/ITM fleet in-house, the benefits of engaging Wittenbach’s Managed Services team include:

  • Optimal uptime: The Wittenbach team says, “We are responsible for ensuring the ATM or ITM is up and running, so that our customers’ clients can make withdrawals and deposits at any of their locations. It is never a good thing when an ATM or ITM is not working properly and a client is upset because they cannot access their money.” Wittenbach monitors your ATM/ITM units around the clock, and is able to troubleshoot immediately in the event of a “bug” or transaction-blocking emergency. In the event that troubleshooting is required, Wittenbach immediately notifies the customer of fixes being made, and will upload them at an appropriate time for the customer.
  • Proven expertise: We staff certified, thoroughly trained specialists to diagnose and resolve issues within your ATM/ITM fleet quickly. This means expeditiously relieving the headache from your in-house employees who also manage other responsibilities at your branches.

Is your branch ready for a digital transformation?

  • Security: Strict security measures are in place from the start to the finish of each interaction, ensuring that any occasion in which Wittenbach experts are remoted into your ATM/ITM, the machines and data remain protected. Wittenbach experts say, “The Hyosung machines themselves are very secure with whitelisting software among other security components. Only certified IP addresses can connect to the managed service portal which helps ensure security.”
  • Well-rounded support: Wittenbach is different from other companies, as we have a deep understanding of all that encompasses an ATM/ITM issue. We lean on several foundational pillars to support your ATM/ITM functions. This includes electronic security—e.g. security wiring, and alarm malfunction—as well as physical security, such as safe locks and cash handling technicians who know how to properly return cash dispensers to their original positions. Our competitors can usually only do one of these items, while Wittenbach can accomplish all when supporting your ATM/ITM footprint.

Is your branch ready for a digital transformation?

Hyosung ATMs and ITMs that are compatible with Wittenbach’s Managed Services

Wittenbach’s Managed Services can be used in conjunction with new Hyosung ATM/ITMs, as well as existing Hyosung ATM equipment after some surveys on the older equipment meant to make sure they are on compliant hardware and software. We currently manage multiple clilents’ ATM/ITM fleets, totaling over 130 units across numerous geographies.

Wittenbach’s Managed Services are designed for Hyosung ATMs that are running on the Windows OS system and connected to the branch’s network. Wittenbach technicians are certified and trained to operate Hyosung’s hardware and software. Older models from the 7600 series to the newer models of the 8300 series are all available to be linked, administered, and protected by Managed Services.

If your branch is seeking to purchase new machines, we recommend the Hyosung 8300-series product family. Each unit is modular, easy to install, has sunlight viewable touchscreens, and allows for non-invasive downtime. Outlined in a recent blog post, the three main models include:

  • MX8300D ITM, a cash-recycling ATM with video teller capabilities, designed for drive-up banking. The card reader comes with anti-skimming and anti-shimming features, a backup battery reserves the last transaction in the event of a shutdown.
  • MX8300I ITM, an island-format ATM recycler with the same security features as the drive-up model and an easy front-access maintenance panel.
  • MX8300T ITM, a through-the-wall unit with a recessed screen that otherwise has similar features to the models listed above.


Now that you have knowledge in hand about Wittenbach’s Managed Services, you can make a more informed decision regarding the administration of your compatible Hyosung ATM & ITM machines. With full visibility and thorough communication, our experts will significantly lighten the load of your IT group. Contact us today to discuss further!