Wittenbach Partner Spotlight: Cassida PRO

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As part of a holistic branch transformation plan, Wittenbach recommends Cassida PRO as your premier choice for currency discriminators. Learn more about Cassida, its storied and demonstrated history of service, and explore how Cassida PRO may contribute to your team’s branch transformation planning. First, we begin with a little more background about Cassida.

About Cassida

Founded in 2006, Cassida has claimed the frontrunner position in cash handling equipment. The San Diego-based manufacturer says, “Cassida’s line includes business-grade bill counters, counterfeit detectors with industry-best false reject rates, and, in the Cassida PRO Series, innovative new advances in bill discriminators. Every Cassida product is backed by a one-year warranty and the help of a knowledgeable San Diego, California based support team.” 

Cassida PRO products are innovative, featuring leading-edge technology to exceed the needs of demanding cash processing environments where durability and accuracy are the main requirements. Not only do we recommend their sleek and intuitive user interface, each unit’s compact design ensures that it’s occupying the smallest footprint possible in your branch.

With 50 years of cash automation experience, Wittenbach stands behind the Cassida PRO’s Zeus as the premier bill counter. Now we will delve deeper into the primary functions of currency discriminators to get to key considerations for selecting Cassida Pro products in the current marketplace.

What is a currency discriminator, and how does it work?

Banks, credit unions, and high-volume retail settings, readily count on currency discriminators — also known as bill counters — to count currency notes and deposits with ease. CashTech explains their role well: “[A currency discriminator] can tell the difference between different denominations. If you insert a mixed pile of bills, it can discriminate between them. The machine will then total the amount and give you a breakdown of the total denomination. You can also pair the discriminator with a printer to help keep records and establish an audit trail.”

Wittenbach recommends Cassida PRO’s Zeus bill counter as your premier choice for currency discriminator.

The leading-edge currency discriminators, including the Cassida PRO’s Zeus two-pocket model, not only discern notes, they also support your branch’s existing counterfeit prevention methods. As technology advances, so do criminals’ counterfeiting methods.

According to Fraud Fighter, “The cumulative result has been an explosion in the number of counterfeiting operations, each producing a relatively small quantity of fake money, good enough to be passed at retail outlets.

While you currently rely on your employees and their tools such as watermark detectors, UV-light detectors, and special pens to identify counterfeit notes, modern currency discriminators supplement this manual intervention in an automated way. Models such as the Cassida PRO’s Zeus send any suspect currency to a “reject” bin without stopping your count, allowing for swift and seamless processing.

How Can the Cassida PRO’s Zeus currency discriminator help? Here are 4 ways:

1. Reducing Errors – Cassida PRO’s Zeus not only reduces the human touch on the bill counting process, but also leverages its extremely accurate detection methods to ensure that valid bills are not falsely rejected.

2. Increasing Speed: The bill counter reaches an industry-leading speed of mixed currency at a rate of 800/1000 bills per minute, regardless of bill condition. That means that even bills which have been long in circulation will pass the discriminator’s test without interrupting the count.

3. Preventing Counterfeit: As discussed earlier, the Cassida PRO’s Zeus bill counter combats fraud by sorting out any suspect notes. A “reject screen” identifies the reason for rejection if a note is suspected to be fraudulent.

Wittenbach recommends Cassida PRO’s Zeus bill counter as your premier choice for currency discriminator.

4. Offering Cash Strapping Options:

    • Strap by denomination – Counts the specified number per denomination and sends all other bills to the reject pocket.
    • Strap by number – Builds bands or straps of bills for tellers, cashiers, and vaults.
    • Strap by amount – Eliminate hand sorting and counting for large customer withdrawals.

Superior Components

Cassida PRO’s Zeus currency discriminator’s components include a high-definition LCD screen with user-configurable color settings. The keyboard has “hot keys” for faster mode changes and less scrolling. A count detail screen shows value and count by denomination. Lastly, the screen shows count and pieces only of the sorted denomination so it can be used to count incoming money shipments, conduct vault audits, and to buy & sell currency from your vault.


With Wittenbach at your side, the key components for a holistic branch transformation plan become clear, including the necessity of trusted bill counters. We hope you have learned more about Wittenbach’s solid footing in the cash automation world, and Cassida PRO’s numerous benefits. Check out our full suite of cash automation products here, including transformative Teller Cash Recyclers or TCRs and other coin sorting machines. 

Contact Wittenbach anytime for a consultation to discern which products would work best for your financial institution, and other ways to optimize your operations.