What is a Night Depository Replacement Head

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Your night depository is essential to your relationship with your customers and local businesses. When it gets damaged due to inclement weather, vandalism, or just normal wear from years of use, you may think that you suddenly have to pay the cost of replacing your entire vault.

Fortunately, you don’t have to replace the entire night depository. Replacing the head of your night depository is an affordable solution that minimizes downtime and risk, allowing you to return to normal operations much faster, with a secure, safe solution.

What is a night depository replacement head, and why do you need one? Below we explore why this part is essential to your bank or credit union’s business.

What Is a Night Depository Head and Why Should You Replace It

The head of your night depository is the exterior “face” of your night depository system. It is the first thing a customer sees, and it is an extension of your institution in terms of offering customers a trusted, convenient and safe service. Keeping a positive visual damage and good operational use ensures every customer interaction can be positive.

For these reasons, it is essential to have a night depository that is safe, durable, and weather proof. If your customers have any doubts as to the security of your system, they are either going to be inconvenienced by having to go inside during normal business hours to make a deposit, or even worse, decide to switch banks and take their business elsewhere.

Your night depository box is essential to your relationship with local businesses. What happens when it gets damaged? Here's how to replace it.

A secure night depository is essential for both attracting and maintaining small business owners and employees. A business owner who can safely and securely deposit daily cash, credit card slips, and checks, when convenient, is a happy business owner.

Replacing the head of your night depository, in the event of damage or normal wear, not only keeps your customers’ deposits safe from malicious activity such as vandalism, it can also help give your branch a visual refresh and make it look appealing.

Is it worth replacing the head of your night depository? Absolutely, and the latest industry trends support that.

Industry Trends of Night Depositories

Despite the rise of online banking and mobile banking apps, much banking is still done in person.  Night depository boxes are still frequently used as well. It used to be a huge investment to install, repair or replace a night depository because it was a single, rather large and expensive unit. Many makers of night depositories no longer exist, or no longer service the units themselves. For these reasons, current industry trends show a growing demand for replacement night depository heads.

Specifically, replacement parts for the Hamilton’s Oakley Night Depository are in high demand. This is not because Oakley is faulty – very much the opposite. In fact, the Oakley has become industry standard for 30 years. In fact, the UL Listed Oakley night deposit head provides the toughest protection against physical attacks and continues to be a popular solution amongst financial institutions. So, what is driving the heightened demand for replacement heads?

Your night depository box is essential to your relationship with local businesses. What happens when it gets damaged? Here's how to replace it.

First, we need to understand why the Oakley night depository is so popular.

The Oakley offers such features as:

  • ADA compliance
  • Weather resistant
  • Built-in envelope storage
  • High security, such as a stainless steel bucket and thru axle

The reliability of the Oakley is well known, so when there is a need to update, repair or replace it, there is only one place to get the parts needed, therefore fueling the rise in demand. And by only replacing the head, you save time and money.

Hamilton makes many kits to replace your existing night depository box heads, even if manufactured by another maker. These kits allow you to replace the head of your night depository box without replacing the housing or safe. Even better, no masonry or structural changes to your building are required when you choose to replace the head of your night depository box. Whether you’re looking to find a replacement for your Oakley or another model altogether, Wittenbach has parts for many night depository models.

Frequently Asked Questions About Replacing a Night Depository Head

Do you have questions about replacing the head of a night depository? Here are some of the more commonly asked questions and answers:

Do you need a building permit to install a replacement night depository head?

There is no need for a building permit if you are only replacing the head of your night depository box. However, if you are opening the building up in any way or making structural changes, you may need a building permit, depending on your local laws.

Can you keep the existing safe, or do you need to replace the safe too?

Under most circumstances, you can keep your existing safe when replacing the head. However, if other parts of the system need to be replaced, we can help with replacing them too.

What is UL listing and what is its role?

A night depository that is UL listed means it adheres to certain safety standards. This is important for a night depository. In fact, your insurance may even require a UL listed depository.

How long does the replacement take, end-to-end?

Generally speaking, replacing the head of a night depository box will take a minimum of 4-6 hours. In some cases, it may take a day. However, every location is different. Feel free to ask questions from one of our professionals when contacting us or undergoing the initial site survey.

How do I get started with the replacement process?

Start out by contacting Wittenbach. We will do a site survey to find the best solution for your financial institution.

We have a wide variety of replacement parts, including many replacement heads for night depository boxes. We even have replacement parts for many night depositories that are currently off the market.

Check Out Our Webinar for More Information On Night Depository Replacements

If you’re looking to replace the head of your night depository box, we can help. For nearly fifty years, we’ve been providing our clients with solutions that protect their assets and put their customers’ needs first. Reach out to us for questions about or help in replacing your night depository.

For more information on night depositories and replacement parts, check out our webinar with Wittenbach’s SVP of Sales, Nathan Derr, and Hamilton Safe’s Director of Product Development, Todd Lefevers. This webinar discusses night depository trends in greater detail, as well as highlighting the benefits of replacement heads for your night depository.