Types of Electronic Security Systems: Surveillance

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Businesses of all sizes need comprehensive security solutions. One aspect of a good security solution is surveillance security, which provides around-the-clock monitoring of your property. Surveillance security can deter crime, capture criminal activity, and help identify involved parties. It is not uncommon to see major businesses use surveillance solutions.

One type of electronic security system is a surveillance system.

However, surveillance security is not only for large, national businesses. Smaller businesses and local branches of larger businesses can also benefit from surveillance. Statistics show that 34% of burglaries affect small businesses. Without surveillance security, these crimes can be hard to deter, and criminal activity can go unmonitored.    

Fortunately, surveillance security does not have to be hard to implement. There are a few key components to every surveillance security system, and there are products and services we personally recommend to improve your security.

Here is what a surveillance security system is, and what specific components we recommend for your system.

What Is Surveillance Security and Surveillance Security Technology?

Broadly speaking, surveillance security is monitoring a specific area or space, in an effort to protect assets and deter or detect criminal activity. As an example, many institutions employ security guards as a form of surveillance. However, there is only so much a security guard can do, which is where surveillance technology comes into play.

Surveillance security technology is any combination of recording devices designed to capture activity at a location. These devices may be capable of recording audio, video, pictures, or most likely a combination of these.

One type of electronic security system is a surveillance system.

When broken down, a surveillance system may consist of the following parts:

  • Recording equipment, such as cameras. In the past, CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras were frequently used as surveillance cameras. However, IP (internet protocol) or network cameras have become the de facto choice for modern systems. They offer higher-resolution video recording. In addition, this footage can be transferred locally to a network storage device for safekeeping and later viewing, or transferred off-site to the cloud. Despite the name, IP cameras do not have to be connected to the internet. They only need to be connected to a local network.
  • Video recorder equipment, commonly called an NVR (network video recorder). An NVR does not record footage by itself. Instead, it receives footage and stores it for later viewing. Sometimes an NVR stores the footage locally onsite on an internal hard drive. In other cases, an NVR may leverage the power of the cloud and store the footage off-site. In the latter case, this footage may be available to be viewed anywhere, even remotely, via an app. NVRs work with IP cameras. They are a natural evolution of the DVR (digital video recorder) technology, which was used for capturing footage from CCTV cameras.
  • Monitoring solution or service, which reviews previously captured footage, and may actively monitor video feeds. In the case of an emergency or criminal act, the monitoring service can contact emergency services. 

These are the bare minimum of components needed for a surveillance system. You may want other components too, such as additional data storage (either on-site or offsite via the cloud), a monitoring station on-site, or mobile devices and apps for remote monitoring. 

Additionally, your location may require specific physical security solutions, such as lockers or safes.

Wittenbach’s Recommended Surveillance Products

While every situation is different, there are a few surveillance products we recommend for almost any business:

Based on over four decades of experience, there are a few product recommendations Wittenbach suggests to our clients. While every situation is different, these solutions will work for almost any business.

One type of electronic security system is a surveillance system.

  • Recording equipment: Verint brand cameras. We recommend Verint IP cameras. These top-of-the-line cameras come in a variety of models. Some like the EVO 05 Mini are small compact cameras designed for either indoor or outdoor use. Others such as the ONCAM C-12 feature 360-degree viewing, advanced light management, and are suitable for either indoor or outdoor locations. The 8080FDW-DN model is an outdoor dome camera that is effective in low-light conditions. There are many different models, and there is s a Verint camera for every situation, so be sure to check out our full breakdown of Verint IP cameras to find the right cameras for you. It is possible your surveillance system will use a few different types of cameras to achieve the best surveillance results.
  • Video recorder: Verint EdgeVR series. The Verint EdgeVR series are enterprise-class NVRs that are reliable and offer a variety of video storage solutions. The Edge VR 300 is capable of supporting up to 64 cameras, making it ideal for large-scale video operations. Smaller options are also available if you don’t require as many security cameras.  
  • Monitoring solution: Security Central. A surveillance security system is nothing without dependable monitoring. That is why we have partnered with Security Central. Our operators are carefully screened and trained, ensuring they are capable of monitoring your business and providing maximum protection. A monitoring solution such as Security Central can work for an organization of any size.

At the very least, we recommend incorporating these solutions into your surveillance system. However, there are a few additional items you may want to consider for your business, such as intrusion alarms, and access control systems. Remember, surveillance security is only one type of security solution.

Choose Wittenbach for Your Surveillance Security Needs

When it comes to surveillance security, you need a trusted partner. You need an expert who understands your unique needs. You also need an expert who understands the different parts of a surveillance system, how they work together, and what additional security products you may need to keep your assets secure.

That is where Wittenbach can help. We have years of experience and expertise in helping organizations protect their most valuable assets. 

For over four decades, Wittenbach has helped institutions of all sizes with cash management, electronic security, and physical security products and solutions. Our experience has enabled us to provide solutions to our customers’ biggest problems. Headquartered in Maryland, we provide service to customers throughout the East Coast and Midwest.

Whether you have one location or dozens, we can advise you on what surveillance and other security systems are right for your locations.

Not sure what your surveillance needs are? Contact us for a consultation about your security needs.