Six Benefits of the Cassida Zeus Bill Counter for Your Branch

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As a 45-year retailer of cash automation products, Wittenbach stands behind the Cassida Pro Series Zeus model as the premier bill counter for your branch. In this post, we’ll explain the primary functions of bill counters, considerations when selecting Cassida products in the current marketplace, and six of the main benefits offered by the Cassida Zeus currency discriminator.

Six Benefits of the Cassida Zeus Bill Counter for Your Branch

What is a bill counter, and how does it work?

Employed in banks, credit unions, and high-volume retail settings, bill counters—in their more advanced form known as currency discriminators—count currency notes and deposits with ease. CashTech says, “It can tell the difference between different denominations. If you insert a mixed pile of bills, it can discriminate between them. The machine will then total the amount and give you a breakdown of the total denomination. You can also pair the discriminator with a printer to help keep records and establish an audit trail.”

The leading-edge currency discriminators, including the Cassida Zeus two-pocket model, not only discern notes, they also support your branch’s existing counterfeit prevention methods. As technology advances, so do criminals’ counterfeiting methods. Fraud Fighter says, “The cumulative result has been an explosion in the number of counterfeiting operations, each

producing a relatively small quantity of fake money, good enough to be passed at retail outlets.

No longer able to rely on the seizure of large blocks of cash, the Secret Service has seen its

domestic seizure rate fall steadily, from 70 percent in 1995, to less than 20 percent today. Accordingly, a growing number of counterfeits are being passed on to the public.” 

While you currently rely on your employees and their tools such as watermark detectors, UV-light detectors, and special pens to identify counterfeit notes, modern currency discriminators supplement this manual intervention in an automated way. Models such as the Cassida Zeus send any suspect currency to a “reject” bin without stopping your count, allowing for swift and seamless processing.

Six Benefits of the Cassida Zeus Bill Counter for Your Branch

Why choose the Cassida Pro Series Zeus currency discriminator? 

Founded in 2006, Cassida is established as a frontrunner in the market of cash handling equipment. Making a name for itself among other players such as Hitachi, Billcon, Kisan, and Masterwork, among others, the San Diego-based manufacturer says, “Cassida’s line includes business-grade bill counters, counterfeit detectors with industry-best false reject rates, and, in the Cassida Pro Series, innovative new advances in bill discriminators. Every Cassida product is backed by a one-year warranty and the help of a knowledgeable San Diego, California based support team.” 

Cassida products are at the top of Wittenbach’s list for your institution; not only do we recommend their sleek and intuitive user interface, each unit’s compact design ensures that it’s occupying the smallest footprint possible in your branch.

Benefits of the Cassida Zeus currency discriminator include:

  1. Product components include a high-definition LCD screen with user-configurable color settings. The keyboard has “hot keys” for faster mode changes and less scrolling. Zeus counts new or worn bills smoothly, and without jamming. A count detail screen shows value and count by denomination. The total number and value of bills are displayed throughout the counting process. Lastly, the screen shows count and pieces only of the sorted denomination.
  2. Processing speed: The bill counter reaches an industry-leading speed of mixed currency at a rate of 800/1000 bills per minute, regardless of bill condition. That means that even bills which have been long in circulation will pass the discriminator’s test without interrupting the count. The hopper capacity accommodates 500 bills; the reject bin capacity can hold 100 bills; and the stacker bin capacity reaches 200 bills.
  3. Cash strap counting options:
    • Strap by number – this bill counter builds bands or straps of bills for tellers, cashiers, and vaults. Zeus offers both pre-set and custom strap amounts: 100-50-25-20-10 presets, 1-100 adjustable. 
    • Strap by amount – Zeus eliminates hand sorting and counting for large customer withdrawals. Input the desired amount the customer wants, then count. Zeus automatically stops when it reaches the amount. 
    • Strap by denomination – set tills and drawers easily! Input count of each denomination needed. Zeus counts the specified number per denomination and sends all other bills to the reject pocket.
  4. Versatility: Uses include counting incoming money shipments, conducting vault audits, and buying & selling currency from your vault.
  5. Counterfeit fraud prevention: As discussed earlier in this post, the Cassida Zeus bill counter combats fraud by sorting out any suspect notes. A “reject screen” identifies the reason for rejection if a note is suspected to be fraudulent.
  6. Error reduction occurs when the Cassida Zeus not only reduces the human touch on the bill counting process, but also leveraging its extremely accurate detection methods to ensure that valid bills are not falsely rejected.

Six Benefits of the Cassida Zeus Bill Counter for Your Branch

Hear what others are saying about the Cassida Zeus:

  • Data Financial, Inc. says, “The Cassida Zeus is superior in efficiency, exacting in security and top-rated in its user experience. Zeus is an excellent addition to busy cash rooms, teller stations and any other cash handling environment that requires speed and accuracy.”
  • Posmea outlines the Cassida Zeus unit’s specifications in detail, contending, “Zeus was designed with you in mind. Its ultra-friendly interface lets you immediately become comfortable with modes, hot keys, and counting functions.”
  • This YouTube video via channel “Money Handling Machines” outlines the Cassida Zeus’ two-pocket currency discriminator design, quiet operation, and other identifying features. further explains the two-pocket functionality, saying, “With the two pocket units, one can sort out individual bills, and face or orientate bills with no need to stop during the process, as those bills are diverted to the second pocket.”


Now that Wittenbach has sharpened your focus on the necessity of bill counters, our solid footing in the cash automation world, and the Cassida Zeus’ numerous benefits, we’re ready to support you further! Check out our full suite of cash automation products here, including transformative Teller Cash Recyclers or TCRs and other coin sorting machines. Contact us anytime to discuss the best-fit cash automation products for your financial institution, and other ways to optimize your operations!