How Secure is Your Two-Man Rule?  Add Important Layers of Accountability

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How Secure is Your Two-Man Rule? 
Ours Adds an Important Layer of Accountability Without the Cost of Replacing Locks

If you’re responsible for protecting other people’s money, you should insist on a security system that’s designed with advanced banking features built directly into the panel. Take the Two-Man Rule, for instance. Most banks implement some variant of this rule whereby two employees are required to jointly perform one action. With two different keys or two parts of a single combination, for instance, they can disarm your bank’s vault.

That’s a big responsibility — so big that DMP takes it a step farther to give you more control over restricted areas without the possible cost of replacing locks.

By our standards, the Two-Man Rule, which we call Dual Authority, gives you the opportunity to tighten security by requiring two user codes be entered prior to gaining access to specific areas. This lessens the dangers that can come from a lost key or access card and eliminates the need for staff to carry them to restricted areas.

With DMP’s Dual Authority, you also get an audit of all employees’ attempts to access restricted areas. Not only can you control specific areas, but you also have the flexibility to specify which employees need Dual Authority for access or arming/disarming operations. This is standard in our flagship commercial panel, the XR550.

Every bank’s security system should offer this kind of advanced integrated banking feature. Does yours?