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Employee security with Wittenbach
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Employee appreciation, now more than ever, should be at the height of importance for financial institutions around the world. This appreciation can come in many forms such as rewarding employees, supplying your employees with the necessary equipment, and most importantly, keeping your employees safe and secure. 

With Wittenbach’s provided physical and electronic security solutions, it is easier than ever to enhance your branch’s security to ensure that your employees are secure at all times. Once your employees feel safe and secure at their workplace, their quality of work will also be enhanced. 

First, let us explore the history of some of the partners we proudly work with. It’s important to understand what each of our partners stands for as companies in the market of overall security.

Keeping my Employees Secure with Wittenbach


Since 1970, Wittenbach has been known to provide world-class security, whether it be through electronic services or physical products. These services and products come from our partnered companies that create exquisite, easy-to-use, and trusted security enhancements. Here is a list of our trusted partners here at Wittenbach, along with a general idea of what each partner can provide: 

  • Verint: the heartbeat of this company is powered through customer engagement. We use Verint for their EdgeVR network video recorders to enhance electronic security.
  • Hamilton: In business since 1976, Hamilton supplies us with state-of-the-art, old-world crafted physical security equipment in the marketplace. Everything they make comes from their employees in their own factories. 
  • DMP: Family-owned independent manufacturing company based in America with global components. Their focus is on intrusion, fire, access control, and cellular alarm solutions. 
  • Fenco: A leading manufacturer for miscellaneous products found in financial institutions, such as under-counter steel teller pedestals, vault & safe interiors, and millwork. These products can make employees feel safe and secure with everyday operations in the workplace. 
  • Honeywell: Honeywell is a pioneer in the industry of both residential and commercial security systems. They have made advancements in technologies such as long-range radio, Internet alarm communications, and sensor technology (such as their best-selling glass break detectors)
  • Security Central: Their promise to clients is “protecting what you value.” This partner of ours offers a handful of managed services, such as video verification, burglar alarm monitoring, and personal emergency response systems. 
  • March Networks: This cloud-managed video surveillance company has three principles: “Simple. Secure. Saving you Money”. They are a global leader in intelligent IP video solutions, intending to enhance security, mitigate risk, and reduce losses from theft. 

All of our partners are important to us in their own, unique ways. However, when combined, their focus is plain and simple: to enhance security.

Keeping my Employees Secure with Wittenbach

Products from Partners 

There are some notable products and services that our partners provide us with, such as Hamilton Entrance Security and DMP access control panels.  and Honeywell access control systems, that are worth mentioning when it comes to enhancing your branch’s overall security. 

  • Hamilton Entrance Security: Hamilton’s Entrance Security is top-notch. Its offered Entrance Vestibule is effective in protecting your financial institution from firearms. This unit, which is now available in aluminum as well as stainless steel, contains essential features such as metal detection sensors, motion sensors, and lock controls for doors that come with warning alerts to ensure that a takeover robbery does not happen. This unit is constructed with bullet resistive glass, and a multi-functional operator console, and, can be upgraded to include a video surveillance package, which enhances overall security. Hamilton’s Vestibule unit is ADA Compliant and designated by the Homeland Security Act. They also offer custom-designed entrance security vestibules to make sure their security features are built for your specific financial institution.
  • DMP XR550 Access Panel: Tired of losing metal keys because of their smaller size? Enter the DMP XR550 Access Panel. This fully scalable, flexible panel series will make giving access to internal employees and law enforcements easier than ever. The DMP XR550 integrates intrusion and commercial fire protection with powerful access control capabilities that are compatible with access control keycards for seamless entry. Featuring more total zones, wireless zones, areas, keypads and access control doors than any other panel in its class. The XR550 has AES encrypted communication options: 128 or 256 AES encryption. It also has ICD705 compliance, full audit compliance, and more. High security features and benefits that allow future scalability, expansion and multi-site management.
  • Security Central Services: When partnering with Security Central, one can expect on-point service that comes with intensive training to make sure all operators understand the task at hand: keeping the workplace secure at all times. Our security monitoring operators pay most-to-all of their attention to security as much as your financial institution demands. These operators go through extensive training to ensure they understand the ins and outs of Security Central’s services. They must also pass a handful of tests and trials to ensure they are capable of keeping your branch secure. Since a branch cannot be secure without trustworthy operators, our’s are screened and subjected to background checks. With Security Central Services, your employee’s overall security will be harder than ever to breach.

Keeping my Employees Secure with Wittenbach

In Conclusion

Every company wants to ensure that their employees feel safe when trying to get the job done. Here at Wittenbach, we deeply believe in this. We’ve dealt with a variety of institutions of all different sizes to help them select the ideal product or service in regards to physical and electronic security. 

Without partners and their pursuit of perfecting overall security by our side, we can proudly say that we hope to continue providing employees of various industries with a sense of security so that they may work to the best of their ability. 

Contact Wittenbach today for any questions you may have, such as how to get these products or scheduling a tour. Work with Wittenbach today and see the measurable difference.