Is Facial Recognition Technology Worth It?

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Facial recognition technology has become more sophisticated than ever, and at Wittenbach, we are committed to educating and empowering your financial institution with best-in-class security solutions. Not only will we explain what facial recognition technology is and how it works, we will also delve into our partner Verint’s software and hardware offerings to illustrate what is possible when keeping your branch safe.

Facial Recognition Technology - Verint Facial Recognition Camera

What is facial recognition technology?

According to AWS, “Facial recognition can identify human faces in images or videos, determine if the face in two images belongs to the same person, or search for a face among a large collection of existing images. Biometric security systems use facial recognition to uniquely identify individuals during user onboarding or logins as well as strengthen user authentication activity.” In the simplest terms, facial recognition technology detects a face, analyzes that face, then turns it into data that will further seek a match.

On a personal level, you may be accustomed to mobile facial recognition, e.g. using your face to unlock your phone. Your face can enable app functionality, can facilitate transactions, and can be used as an added means of authentication or password protection. Chargeback Gurus advises, “As consumers shift more and more of their vital information and assets to the safekeeping of online platforms, it becomes imperative that the companies entrusted with this data employ the strongest, most state-of-the-art defenses.”

On a commercial level, facial recognition technology can be used to provide security inside and outside your branch, and in your ATMs and ITMs as well. Not only can this technology monitor faces of those who enter and exit your institution, it can help to deter potential criminals, and also serve to identify perpetrators in the event of a security breach. 

In addition to traditional security system functionality, facial recognition technology can also combat fraud and identity theft; Kaspersky states, “If hackers steal your photo database, ‘liveless’ detection – a technique used to determine whether the source of a biometric sample is a live human being or a fake representation – should (in theory) prevent them from using it for impersonation purposes.

Facial Recognition Technology - Verint Facial Recognition Camera

Why is the Verint Facial Recognition Camera so popular?

There are several components to any facial recognition system, and Wittenbach security partner Verint holds industry-leading expertise in all of these areas. First comes software: their FaceDetect video analysis solution addresses 12 of the most common limiting factors in facial recognition, which include:

  • Active avoidance: a potential intruder may be in disguise, or change their style and facial features to avoid recognition. FaceDetect’s powerful algorithm combats these techniques to provide one of the highest true positive rates and lowest false positive rates available.
  • Natural changes: FaceDetect software is ethnicity independent, meaning that it does not account for skin tone when scanning faces. It also can process aging differences, whether organic or artificially created, up to 20 years.
  • Situational: Environmental and circumstantial factors have the largest impact on the success of facial recognition technology. FaceDetect accounts for changing or low light, indoor or outdoor recognition, and angled or partial views of a face. Additionally, it can recognize someone among hundreds of others, even if they appear for less than one second. FaceDetect can also integrate with mobile or wearable camera input, and works seamlessly with “pan-tilt-zoom” or “PTZ” IP cameras.

“Verint is a driving force behind the development of intelligent solutions that allow customers to advance their strategic security efforts,” says Verint’s Alan Stoddard, vice president and general manager, situational intelligence solutions. “Our FaceDetect solution helps organizations automate intelligence gathering, and take a more proactive approach to business and security intelligence, all while increasing the return on their technology investments.”

Facial Recognition Technology - Verint Facial Recognition Camera

While FaceDetect facial recognition technology can integrate with any IP camera, it works most effortlessly with Verint’s series of IP cameras: the hardware components. As part of our electronic security pillar, Wittenbach would like to introduce you to Verint’s suite of products that dovetail best with their facial recognition capabilities. IP cameras transmit footage via Ethernet to the NVRs, or Network Video Recorders, where the footage is then stored and viewable, whether online or offline. NDAA compliance across all products ensure that the U.S. government has provided a seal of approval for the security of these camera models.

  • V3420 RD is a recessed mini-dome that used “true WDR” video surveillance to ensure that image sensors provide even illumination throughout the footage. Audio is captured via an internal microphone.
  • V3620-HS-POE is a surface-mount heightstrip with a built-in fixed lens to capture footage of those entering and exiting your branch.
  • V3820 BTW-DN is a “bullet network camera”, capable of swiveling and being mounted to either a surface or a black box. It has a motorized zoom feature and uses infrared “IR illuminator” technology to ensure clear images up to 30 meters away, even in low light conditions or full darkness.
  • V3820 FDW-DN is a fixed-dome IP camera, which offers versatility as it can be mounted to a surface, recessed area, a pendant, wall, corner, or black box.
  • 4420-M-P/W is a discreet modular camera, built with a video core and five meter cable to be mounted in ATMs, corners, flush with surfaces and more.
  • 4750 FDW-DN is a fixed dome camera with remote focus and zoom, working up to 30 meters in all lighting conditions.
  • 4750BX-DN is a no-frills box camera with a separately-sold lens.
  • 8080BX-DN is an upgrade from the box camera above; not only does it consume less power, its audio capabilities are greatly expanded and its design and footprint are sleeker overall.
  • 8080FDW-DN is an outdoor-specific dome IP camera whose effective range is up to 40 meters, even in low light conditions.
  • EVO 05 MINI is a compact, indoor/outdoor/recessed fisheye camera, with a 5MP sensor and 60dB audio range capability.
  • ONCAM C-12 is a 360-degree indoor/outdoor camera, featuring a plethora of Verint’s most advanced hardware technology: HDR, Streamlite compression, advanced light management, virtual PTZ, panorama, corridor and fisheye software, a 12MP sensor, and side de-warping.

Paula Appleget, Director of Security at Simmons Bank, recently left a Verint security product review on TrustRadius, saying, “We utilized video and security to lessen recovery time and to better identify suspects.” She added, “Positive ROI due to better identification and reduce [sic] in loss.”

Wittenbach is ready when you are to discuss more about your financial institution’s electronic security needs. The Verint FaceDetect facial recognition technology, especially when paired with its NVR network security system and one or more of the highly-regarded IP cameras, can optimize your branch security and further help your digital transformation to flourish.