Experience Wittenbach’s Foundational Pillars: Teller Cash Recycling and Desktop Solutions

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The modern banking landscape is ever-changing, and businesses need to be prepared for the future. Desktop banking solutions from Wittenbach can help your business stay ahead of the curve. Our desktop banking solutions offer a variety of features that can save you time and money. 

Wittenbach provides teller cash recycling (TCR) services to help businesses manage their money more efficiently. With a TCR, tellers deposit cash into a machine that counts and sorts the bills, and authenticates them. The bills are then stored in an internal vault. The TCR also provides the capability to dispense cash as needed. In essence, the TCR is able to process automated cash transactions for tellers from the cash inventory, including deposits and withdrawals.

This allows businesses to have a more accurate count of their cash on hand, as well as reducing the amount of time tellers spend counting money. Wittenbach’s TCR services can help your business save time and money.

TCRs and Desktop Solutions

With our modern banking solutions, you can:

  • Save time. Save time with automated teller cash recyclers (TCRs). TCRs can help tellers deposit cash more quickly and accurately, freeing up time for other tasks.
  • Stay organized. Keep things organized with integrated document management. Our desktop banking solutions offer document management features that can help you keep track of important documents and information.
  • Security. Maintain your branch exposure. TCRs offer 24 hour vaults, so that cash is always locked in a secure place and doesn’t need to be moved into a vault nightly. Movement of the cash is also rapid, so it can be secured within a few minutes, rather than an open teller or POD counter exposed.
  • Have Universal Staffing. Often, platform people aren’t willing to get a drawer and help a busy teller line at peak times 1-3 times a day, because they don’t want to have to count, balance and close-out at the end of the day. If you implement universal staff who can handle both transaction types and provide them with a TCR, it gives them the ability to do transactions like cash deposits and check cashing without having to wait in a teller line.
  • Reducing queues. With universal staffing so more personnel can process simple transactions and faster transaction speed, customers typically have lower wait times and greater satisfaction in working with your financial institution.

TCRs and Desktop Solutions

What to Consider When Selecting a TCR 

In recent years, we have seen a number of new teller cash recycler [TCR] entrants in the North American marketplace. Each one claims superior performance, so it can be difficult to determine which TCR is the best. 

Often it takes a coordinated effort between multiple departments to make the final decision of how to assimilate the cash recyclers efficiently and easily into your branch. One of the keys to making the correct decision is to explore the pros and cons of the options available, including efficiency and profitability; your volume of transactions; the average number of bills per transaction; the ease of integration with your existing systems; as well as your own institution’s need and want for the newest and latest technologies.

When working with Wittenbach, we provide an overview of the different types of TCRs available on the market. We also include a comparison of the features, benefits, and our recommendations.

TCRs and Desktop Solutions

Models of TCRs Available

With higher operational efficiencies and ease of use, the RBG-100 is designed to meet the varying cash management needs of Financial Institutions. Glory’s banknote recycling machine, the RBG 100, answers these challenges by providing an efficient high performance cash management solution designed to be installed in teller lines to process customer transactions, ATM pulls, large deposits and teller vault buys and sells.

Another option is our sixth generation solution, the Vertera 6G delivers a simple, flexible, comprehensive and integrated solution that addresses the real needs of customers and staff. Offering a unique combination of powerful features to transform customer relationships and drive profitable branch operations, the Vertera 6G represents a significant evolution in teller automation technology. Vertera 6G represents the current state-of-the-art in teller cash recycling – performance, reliability, user interface, and total execution, from operating principles through environmental sensitivity at all stages of manufacturing, transport and operation.

Wittenbach’s Teller Cash Recyclers are Your Answer.

To meet the challenges and gain a competitive edge in today’s tough business environment successful financial institutions require efficient and proven solutions. That means choosing a business partner that provides the latest technology innovations, industry expertise, and award winning customer service. Contact Wittenbach today to learn more about our desktop banking solutions.