DMP Virtual Keypad – Remote Security Solutions for Your Financial Institution

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DMP, short for Digital Monitoring Products, is a trusted Wittenbach partner in the arena of remote security solutions. Their innovative offering, the Virtual Keypad, allows your financial institution to remotely manage your security system by computer or tablet—and now even by phone on the Virtual Keypad app!

We know you have many choices in the marketplace, but the Springfield, Missouri-based DMP stands on the foundation of “listening, anticipating needs and responding quickly with innovative solutions that work” to develop and deliver the leading edge in remote security solutions. In addition to the Virtual Keypad, DMP keeps a pulse on the security industry by also manufacturing a suite of products related to monitoring centers, fire alarms, wireless security, control panels, and other automated items.

DMP Virtual Keypad - Remote Security Solutions for Your Financial Institution

What are remote security solutions?

Remote security solutions offer a virtual advantage to traditional security keypads, as they electronically combine alarm system controls. The inconveniences of an older in-person keypad system stack up: if you’re operating with a traditional in-person keypad today, you must physically travel from location to location to secure your buildings. Employees who leave or are terminated may still have the codes, or you must change them often to ensure safety. You may not be immediately notified in the event of a breach or repeated access attempts.

With the DMP Virtual Keypad, remote coverage can span from selective areas in one location, to reaching across multiple locations and geographies at the same time. User management tools ensure that only those who really should have access to your space are the ones who do. Not only is this security technology applicable to financial institutions, but it’s also helpful in other places that Wittenbach and DMP can help secure together: retail stores, campus buildings, commercial locations, and hospitals.

On a deeper level, advanced reporting capabilities ensure that you can trace back accesses granted and denied. DMP reports, “Virtual Keypad’s advanced reporting provides real-time status of all access control doors on a system. For companies with multiple access control doors across a large campus, this makes it easy to monitor plus lock or unlock doors with a single tap.” 

A quick tour around the Virtual Keypad app, after two-factor authentication, reveals a sleek and friendly user interface. Not only are the controls arranged in a logical and intuitive way, the app is compatible with both iPhone and Android and contains all the same functionality as the desktop or tablet version of the software. You can also configure “favorites” and custom actions, and toggle effortlessly between locations, allowing for a more efficient experience every time you open your device.

A recent App Store reviewer commented, “This app allows full, complete and unfettered remote access to all of my doors, zones, etc. I can selectively allow or disallow door or zone access with full control. Great functionality. When my employees forget their FOBs or have an issue entering, I can remotely disarm and unlock the doors letting them in. I can also remotely cancel alarms before the alarm company dispatches police on false alarms.”

DMP Virtual Keypad - Remote Security Solutions for Your Financial Institution

In short, the DMP Virtual Keypad protects your financial institution or business, as well as your employees, with ease—putting peace of mind at your fingertips.

More DMP Virtual Keypad specifications

The main features and functions of the Virtual Keypad include:

  • Manage multiple systems from a single login
  • Arm/disarm and check system status
  • Selectively arm/disarm areas
  • Lock/unlock one or multiple doors and check door status
  • Lockdown public doors
  • Alarm notifications, system event history
  • View and record video
  • Full business automation with custom actions
  • Z-Wave support to control lights, locks and thermostats
  • Manage system schedules, users and profiles
  • Manage credentials and user codes
  • Invalid code reporting with EasyEnroll™ lets you add a user from any card read
  • Full reporting capability, including access granted and denied messages
  • Custom and pre-defined event reporting

DMP Virtual Keypad - Remote Security Solutions for Your Financial Institution

Where can I learn more about the DMP Virtual Keypad?

When your financial institution adopts any new technology, it is important that your IT infrastructure can accommodate it, and that your employees are comfortable administering it. DMP kept this in mind when formulating the DMP Training Center YouTube channel, which offers education on nearly all facets of the Virtual Keypad and its corresponding app. This video repository of self-service material supplements DMP’s technical support and customer service channels, in place to address diagnostic & troubleshooting issues as well as ordering & software questions, respectively. 

If your IT team is curious to “look under the hood” of the Virtual Keypad security solution, Wittenbach suggests the following resources:

This tutorial explains how to run pre-configured reports, as well as custom reports. You can select and filter various event types (e.g. security system arming and disarming), users, and a time frame before running the report, which can also be scheduled to run and send via email.

This tutorial explains how to configure notifications on your phone for Alarms, Troubles, and Arm/Disarms. You can also define “custom actions” that will also notify you immediately if the conditions are met.

The concept of geofencing allows you to configure “favorites” and preferred actions for your remote security solutions, when you are within a certain distance of a system. You may choose a location and what happens when you enter or exit the defined radius, such as lighting turning on and off.

Scheduling allows you to automate actions you would normally take on a regular basis. Do you plan to auto-arm and auto-disarm your financial institution at specific hours? Should it change on certain days? All of this can be configured to allow for automation, risk prevention, and reduced need for on-site staffing.


Wittenbach sells and services state-of-the-art equipment for customers that demand the best in electronic security. Our available electronic security solutions include intrusion alarms, access control, DVRs & NVRs, and IP cameras. Reach out to us anytime for further insight into using the DMP Virtual Keypad at your institution, and more about how we can help turn your commercial space’s digital transformation into a success.