Why Remote Security Solutions Are on the Rise?

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As security hardware and software advance, it’s no surprise that the processes and services around them also modernize. Remote security solutions are the latest wave in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and protection—keeping secure both the employees and valuables within your bank or credit union.

Wireless CCTV defines, “Remote security services involve a proactive system that combines surveillance cameras, video analytics, alarms, monitoring centers, and a proactive crime prevention response.”

Remote security solutions also exist in numerous other settings; these range from financial institutions to commercial business, storage spaces, retail stores, parking lots, campuses and other living spaces, and other temporary locations. Managed service companies can keep a watchful eye, monitoring for movement, intruder attempts, vandalism, theft, and other emergencies.

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Advantages of Remote Security Solutions

There are certain qualities that any remote security solution provider should possess: trained, helpful operators, a history of protection and service quality, and keeping your electronic and physical security needs top of mind. A remote security solution will also provide the below benefits to your financial institution or business, saving you time, energy, and funds as you step into the capabilities of new technology.

  • Hours: Remote security solutions offer 24/7 coverage, meaning that your branch or business will be protected while in operation, and outside of normal working hours or days. It relieves the limitation of configuring security employee work coverage, especially for off-hours.
  • Coverage: Almost infinite possibilities for camera placement, as well as the increased image quality offered from a distance by late-model cameras, amount to the fact that remote monitoring systems can really keep your branch safe. Digital Security Guard states, “Most successful properties understand the importance of providing and maintaining the safety and security of the property. In the past, analog CCTV cameras and physical security guards were the most effective way to secure a property. […]  Modern security camera systems are now capable of more than ever before. Remote security system monitoring takes advantage of these advancements. By using remote access, the security experts employed by a remote monitoring company can monitor live security feeds from an off-site location.”
  • Cost: Remote security solutions offer a cost savings, as you are again spending less money on the presence of security guards and monitoring personnel for your institution. You can also leverage economies of scale if you are installing remote security systems across multiple locations. Security systems are also a significant criminal deterrent, preventing damages to your property and employees.
  • Speed: Can respond to alarms immediately. Also reducing false alarms, because you have an eye on the entire building’s footprint and have awareness of building specs that may contribute to a false alarm. Remote Monitoring Services says, “The various options that the monitoring operatives can choose from will be set by you. […] They can range from an audio challenge to the intruder, to contacting the key account holder, as well as sending out the monitoring provider’s rapid response team. Whatever your set of agreed responses, a remote security monitoring team will always choose the most appropriate option and carry them out instantaneously and much faster than an untrained individual could do alone.”

remote security solutions

Remote Security Solution Recommendations

Wittenbach’s alarm monitoring team partners closely  “…with Security Central, and our monitoring operators take great pride in paying as much attention to security as you demand. Our operators undergo extensive training, must pass a full battery of tests and trials and are carefully screened and subjected to background checks. Our people go the extra mile to assure maximum protection and response for our customers.” Security Central offers:

  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring – Their website says, “Security Central provides a swift emergency response by professionally trained operators that treat your customers with exceptional care and empathy. With compatibility for virtually any alarm panel, we make it simple to provide the right services and products for your customers!”
  • Video Verification – This service includes careful monitoring of and visual integration with two-way voice systems, elevator panels, wireless systems, IP formats, and other security products to ensure that your alarms are functioning correctly.
  • Custom Business Solutions – Security Central offers services to manage employee time clocks and building entry, panic or hold-up button alarms, and monitoring of other environmental factors. Your business can choose from various layers of these additional offerings, providing convenience and safety in your financial institution or business.

In addition to a qualified monitoring company, a solid fleet of security products can make all the difference to your remote security solution. This includes adopting electronic security systems such as the Verint EdgeVR, which we discussed in an earlier blog post. NVR systems run on IP or hybrid cameras, which offer a higher resolution than their analog predecessors. These often boast features such as virtual pan-tilt-zoom (PZT) technology, which allows for wide-angle coverage without physically moving the camera lens.

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Electronic security is one of Wittenbach’s four foundational pillars, and as both experts and partners with industry leaders, we recognize what it takes to keep your branch, business, or campus safe. By using state-of-the-art Verint IP security cameras, reliable entry systems, and watchful remote monitoring services like Security Central, you can establish several layers of security in and around your building—offering priceless peace of mind. Contact Wittenbach to learn more about each of these contributing factors to a successful remote security solution suite!