What type of ATM is the most valuable?

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As a financial institution you are trying to do what is best for your clients. How can you reach your client’s where they are and service there banking needs? Most of the time the answer is to install ATMs and ITMs. ATMs or ITMs have been a great solution to provide automated banking transaction sets that can quickly service your clients and provide those transactions at locations that are sometimes more accessible.

Now what type of ATM will provide what my clients need? This is where the choices and options can seem overwhelming. Wittenbach wants to help in this decision making process by doing our best at summarizing what ATM services works best for your financial institutions goals.

Goal = provide cash quickly = Hyosung 5000 Basic series

Goal = provide cash quickly with option to deposit their checks = Hyosung 7600 BasicĀ  series

Goal = provide multiple transactions, 80% of what a live teller can do = Hyosung 7800 Tech Adopter series

Goal = provide multiple core transactions, video teller assistiance, and cash recycling = Hyosung 8000 Vanguard series.

In summary the type of ATM that is most valuable is the type that your clients are expecting from you. Contact Wittenbach to see how we can help you in your ATM solution towards providing the most valuable ATM for your client.

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