Stop Jackpotting Now

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What is Jackpotting

To execute the cyberattack known as “Jackpotting”, a thief (typically disguised as an ATM Technician) needs physical access to an ATM’s computer which is located in the top portion of the ATM (A.K.A Top Hat).  The criminal will load malware onto the computer that allows  him or her to take control of the machine and force it to dispense cash while they are onsite or at a future point in time when their partner is at the ATM pretending to make a withdraw.

3 Solutions From WBS

           1. Alarm The Top Hat                                                            

WBS will alarm the top hat with a door contact sensor and providing an onboard keypad for authorized user disarmament.

           2. High Security Keys

ATM manufacturers’ keys can open multiple like-model ATM top hats and can be readily purchased from third party suppliers.

WBS will replace the universal key to the top hat with a custom, high security key

           3. Video Analytics 

WBS will help you utilize video analytics to trigger custom alerts that will make it easier for security to proactively monitor what is happening