Spotlight on Wittenbach Partners: Hamilton for Branch Security

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Wittenbach’s relationships with security manufacturers are forged in the spirit of protecting businesses and the precious lives and assets that exist within. In the financial sector, this means providing branch security to banks and credit unions. In the medical sector, this means helping pharmacies to run more efficiently and hospitals to have secure entryways. Physical security is important in any setting containing money, valuables, or sensitive information, and in the event of an attempted breach, time is of the essence. Having the right products in place from our trusted partner Hamilton can make a quantifiable difference in security-related crime deterrence and apprehension.

Hamilton for Branch Security: Hamilton Entrance Control and More

Who is Hamilton Security Solutions, and how does our partnership work?

Meet Hamilton. Hamilton has existed under The Gunnebo Group’s umbrella since 2012, operating within a brand family that also includes security leader Gunnebo and Chubbsafes, a manufacturer of safes and vaults from the U.K. Per Wittenbach Marketing Manager Jared Jorgensen, “Wittenbach and Hamilton began their relationship in 2002. Prominent customers were asking Wittenabch to become a Hamilton dealer and supply physical security service and products for their branches. Wittenbach took the leap and quickly became a vendor with acquisitions and training to become a leader in the East Coast and Midwest for physical security.”

Per Hamilton’s website, “Gunnebo, Hamilton’s parent company has a vision to be a leading provider of a safer future by supplying solutions which protect people, valuables, and assets.” They also have a commitment to ethics and the environment; Hamilton’s sustainability policy includes mitigating waste, offsetting emissions, and community involvement where possible.

Wittenbach’s sales and installation experts are embedded into all things Hamilton. They hold deep expertise of Hamilton’s physical security products and all of the different kinds of businesses they service. Furthermore, they receive training to install and maintain these specific product units, and continually refresh their knowledge when updates or new product models are available.

Hamilton for Branch Security: Hamilton Entrance Control and More

Featured Hamilton products to help you run smoothly

  • Bullet-resistant windows: While no material can be completely bulletproof, the Hamilton Vision Series windows are designed with laminated layers of glass and polycarbonate plastic material to withstand a series of ballistic impacts or hurricane-force winds. In a recent blog post, we reported an FBI statistic of 1,964 financial institution robberies in 2021. “​​Only 121 reported having bulletproof enclosures—a signal to the institutions in need of an upgrade that bullet-resistant glass can deter crime.”
  • Pneumatic tube systems: These systems use compressed air to move cylinders containing money, documents, and/or small goods from place to place within a short distance. Common applications include bank and credit union drive-thru lanes to transfer currency, hospitals and pharmacies to transfer prescriptions, and office buildings to transfer mail deliveries. Most units have a weight limit of 5-7 pounds, such as the Hamilton HA1000-XLR model. However, larger units such as the HA-47 or HA-33 have the capacity to transfer a greater weight for commercial purposes.

  • Transaction drawers: This physical security measure extends the level of protection from intruders and harsh weather conditions in the drive-thru lanes of financial institutions, pharmacies, and more. Your employees can securely and comfortably exchange small goods, payment, and documents. Per the Hamilton website, “Hamilton’s Transaction Drawers provide the perfect combination of ease-of-use with maximum secured protection. Two available models, the standard 400DD and the oversized DCD-18 (chicken drawer) each are UL Level 3 rated and constructed of rugged, maintenance free stainless steel.”
  • Entrance security vestibules: Comprised of stainless steel or aluminum and bullet-resistant glass, entry vestibules are a solid first layer of protection in a building entryway. In a bank or credit union setting, these vestibules also often contain ATMs (automated teller machines) or ITMs (interactive teller machines) for quick walk-up transactions. They are also easily applied in schools, hospitals, and government buildings where metal detection is required. There are standard models from which your business can choose, but Hamilton entrance control can also help you to develop a custom entrance security vestibule to best fit your building’s dimensions.
  • Gunnebo entrance security turnstiles: The Hamilton website says, “Gunnebo’s Entrance Security Solutions give you control over the movement of individuals to, from, and around a site.” Manufactured by parent company Gunnebo in their Bencia, CA plant, Hamilton entrance control includes a strong variety of turnstiles: speed gates, tripod turnstiles, full-height and half-height turnstiles, revolving doors, high-security doors, airport security gates, mass transit gates, and retail turnstiles.

Hamilton for Branch Security: Hamilton Entrance Control and More

  • Vaults, safes, and accessories: Perhaps some of the most impactful protective devices in a financial institution or other highly secure setting, vaults hold safe deposit boxes which contain valuables and important documents. Financial institutions’ branches are built around vaults, which in Hamilton’s case are made from highly durable, reinforced concrete and are designed with custom panels that can outfit your specific branch design. Hamilton’s American-made line of safes includes steel plate safes, high-security TR/TL safes, composite safes, IPS safes, and weapon safes. They also manufacture lines of safe deposit boxes, vault doors, locks, and other accessories to ensure that your security investment is protected.


The importance of a trustworthy, high-quality partner in physical security cannot be understated, as it protects the lifeblood of your organization. A suite of Hamilton security products, installed at your business by Wittenbach experts, can reshape the comfort that your employees and patrons feel and effectively guard your assets from harm or theft. Contact Wittenbach today to discuss your current physical security landscape, and how we can help you protect your organization’s employees, clients, and assets.