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The Wittenbach team has the expertise and equipment to complete every installation project with precision. From site preparation work to turnkey replacements, we can develop the right installation plan for your location and execute it on time, with minimal interruption to your operations. We install all cash handling, access control, physical and electronic security equipment. We have a full team of in-house installers and project managers.

Main Vault Expansions, Removals and Installations

When you need to expand your existing vault due to consolidation or other factors, Wittenbach can assist in designing modular panels to expand your existing space. Moving to a new location? We can remove an existing vault and relocate it to your new facility or dispose of it properly. We can also assist in the installation of a brand new vault at a new or existing location.

SDB Consolidations, Drawings and Relocations

Wittenbach will complete a total survey of the remaining branches and coordinate with the bank project manager to develop an ideal solution. We prepare CAD drawings for approval and execute the plan within your relocation schedule.

Turnkey Drive-up Replacements

Our drive-up replacements cover everything needed including electrical, masonry opening changes, countertop modifications, ceiling trim work and bollard additions. We complete these projects with minimal disruptions to your branch operations.

ATM Kiosk Installation and Removal

From pad preparations to core-drilled bollard additions, Wittenbach has the capability to complete any kiosk replacement project.

Drive-Up Bullet Resistant Glass Replacement

Our installation services group will survey the site to ensure a perfect fit, due to a wide range of window sizes. We can supply UL level 1 or 2 replacement glass with minimal lead times and coordinate glass replacement with limited interruptions to your operations.

Main Vault Lockouts

While many companies employ a time-consuming, messy process of cutting through vault walls that can disrupt services for days, our state-of-the-art lockout service is faster and less expensive, and leaves virtually no trace once completed.