Securing your Branch: The Latest Technology in Hold-Up Buttons

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At Wittenbach, we work alongside some of the most prevalent companies that are involved with keeping your financial institution secure at all times. One of these companies, DMP, is known in the industry for designing, manufacturing, and supplying the latest technology in hold-up buttons. 

Read on to find out more about hold-up buttons, DMP’s main drive as a company, and how their hold-up buttons are sure to transform your branch into its utmost secure form. 

Securing your Branch: The Latest Technology in Hold-Up Buttons

What are Hold-Up Buttons?

A hold-up button (otherwise known as a panic button) is commonly used in residential areas and is used as a way of protection if a home robbery is ever to occur. After the creation of the hold-up button, larger industries began to take notice of this piece of technology. Because of this, hold-up buttons are most commonly used within financial institutions or any other industries where money handling is required. 

Hold-up buttons can come in all different shapes and sizes. The trigger could be a push button, electronic money clip, a foot rail, or a number of other things. In some cases, hold-up buttons are connected to wireless speakers inside your company or financial institution. These speakers can easily be installed in garages, warehouses, apartment buildings, and most often, financial institutions in locations that are not easily visible to the human eye. 

Hold-up buttons also have the functionality to be wirelessly connected to first responders. Once the buttons are pushed, they can notify first responders so that they may send law enforcement to your company or financial institution. On some hold-up buttons, there may be a special code provided that can be entered to tell first responders it was a “false alarm” so that law enforcement is not sent. 

Hold-up buttons have come a long way since their creation in 1956. Thanks to DMP, they are able to be built in many different ways, all with the same reasoning behind them: to keep your establishment safe. 

Before continuing to a specific type of hold-up button, it’s insightful to get a better understanding of DMP as a company, and the mission that they hope to accomplish every day. 

Securing your Branch: The Latest Technology in Hold-Up Buttons

DMP as a Company  

“Quality First, Quality Fast”, a quote that DMP thinks of as “more than a catchy slogan.” Instead, they see it as the building grounds of how they always have conducted business. 

Since 1975, DMP has always had a focus on quality engineering. This meant that they had in-house software development and a super tight grip on every step in the process. Through this, DMP has been able to supply high-quality security products at competitive prices for the industry. 

They hold a set of values within their company close to their hearts. Here are just a few of them:

  • Honesty and Integrity: Tell the truth…even if it costs you something. Do what’s right…especially when no one is watching. Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Innovation: Without this value, their company would be nowhere near as high-tech as they are. Being creative to them is a vital part of their companies future.
  • Responsiveness: DMP believes that the “best time to respond is yesterday. The second best time is now.” They always want their employees to listen and take note.
  • Kindness: Treat others the way you want to be treated. DMP believes that even when an unpleasant comment must be made make it courteous.
  • Fun: DMP believes in working hard, playing hard, and staying healthy. To them, celebrating your successes makes for a better work experience.
  • Profit: This value is one of the main reasons why DMP is in business in the first place. 

After knowing more of the background of DMP and what they value, it makes their mission statement something of value to the company: “DMP provides customer-driven products through listening, anticipating needs and responding quickly with innovative solutions that work. We insist on the integrity of our products and our people.

We care. We have fun. We profit.”

Throughout their many years of experience and expertise in creating hold-up buttons, there is one model that DMP produces that is sure to keep your establishment safer than ever before.

Securing your Branch: The Latest Technology in Hold-Up Buttons

New Hold-Up Button Technology from DMP

One set of hold-up buttons that can be found in financial institutions would be the 1142 Series of hold-up buttons. This series is wireless, and has two-button hold-up transmitters. They can be mounted in a series of places such as under banking counters, in the drawer of a desk, or even on the wall. 

They are provided with a tamper switch, which will help identify to your branch’s employees that it has been removed from the mounting location. 

The 1142 Series are wireless two-button hold-up transmitters that can be mounted under a counter or on a wall. They provide a tamper switch to identify if the unit has been removed from its mounted location. 

Another version of the 1142, the 1142BC, comes with a clip built into the two-button system so that it can be easily carried around on your belt or waistline. This allows for easy transportation of these hold-up buttons, as well as easier controlling abilities since the buttons are located close to you at all times. 

All 1142 Series units provide two buttons that, when pressed at the same time, send a panic message to the control panel. They also provide an LED that can be programmed to provide a visual indication that a panic alarm has been transmitted.

Here are some other key features that are provided from the 1142 Series of hold-up buttons provided by DMP:

  • Frequency-hopping 900 MHz spread-spectrum technology
  • Attractive and durable plastic housing for all units
  • Internal case tamper switch for added security
  • Simple serial number programming
  • Compatible with all DMP 1100 Series Wireless Receivers. Because of this, they also work well with all DMP XT Series and XR Series panels.
  • One 3.0V Lithium CR123A Battery
  • Two-Way Wireless means longer battery life, extended range, superior supervision, outputs and wireless devices that can be configured remotely

Building upon the last feature in the list above, Two-Way Wireless is unmatched in the industry. It operates in a frequency range between 905 and 924 MHz. This range is an unlicensed wave band that usually remains uncluttered, allowing for a seamless connection. These Two-Way Wireless products are most often set up at least 1,200 feet from the receiver.  This makes DMP’s hold-up buttons much more effective than systems that operate in the 301 and 433 MHz wave band, for the maximum distance between those receivers and their buttons are 200 feet.

These features make for a quite impressive hold-up button system, and it’s all thanks to DMP.

Securing your Branch: The Latest Technology in Hold-Up Buttons

To Conclude

At Wittenbach, we aim to show your financial institution the measurable difference. With our partnership with DMP, this goal of ours has become a whole lot easier. 

Your workplace should be safe and secure at all times, and thanks to DMP’s expertise and knowledge within the market of security, their hold-up button systems will ensure that every day is a safe one. 

Contact Wittenbach today for any questions you may have, such as how to learn more information about our partnership with DMP, as well as how to get your hands on their hold-up button systems.