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Wittenbach and Level 5 are joining forces to bring you the “Re-FI Design Program.” It is a free, no obligation assessment of your branch(es).

Level 5’s Design and Tech experts will review your situation and provide you with actionable insights, timeline, and budgets.

To learn more and begin your assessment, see below for Level 5’s details and a contact form.

3 Easy Steps

  • Step 1 – Contact Us

        Let us know you are interested 

  • Step 2 – Discovery Call

        The Wittenbach and Level 5 team will call you to discuss needs 

  • Step 3 – Design Review Meeting

       The design team will review existing plan, discuss project scope

Program Details

This program is free. Really. You have nothing to lose. Really.

Once you’ve completed the form above, a LEVEL5 Business Development Director will be in touch shortly to set up a brief Discovery Call.

During the Discovery Call, the details of your branch(es) will be discussed. Here’s where we’ll uncover the need, establish the strategy, define goals, and outline the details. Is it a one-off or part of a larger effort? Do you want simple cosmetic updates, a complete technology overhaul, or an entirely new branch prototype design? We will give you one little piece of homework here before the next step – to track down a final blueprint of the branch, or at least a series of photos that accurately capture the branch and what is needed.

Once these details have been determined, the next phase will be the Branch Design Review meeting. Our Design Team will review the branch assets and discuss the strategy.

From there, we’ll provide you a budget for the work and timeline.

Typically, we can execute the work on nights and weekends, limiting any disruption to your currently operating branches.