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RBG- 100 Teller Cash Recycler

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Ideal for branches which want to reduce buys and sells with the vault, as well as those who process large deposits/ATM pulls/night drops, or those who merely want to increase overall teller and supervisor productivity.


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Holds up to 12,600 recyclable notes, in the recycling cassettes, and over 17,000 in total
  • Overall inventory levels in the branch can be reduced as AVAILABLE inventory is increased due to recycling notes
  • Empowers tellers to spend more time interacting with customers when they don’t have to spend time balancing and replenishing the TCR


Configurable cassettes allows for the recycling of all 6 denominations.
  • Set the optimal configuration for business needs, to reduce cash shipments
  • Recycle money not just within the machine, but throughout the entire branch by off sorting notes for ATM loading, to the Collection Drawer


Holds up to 4,500 non-recyclable notes, of 7 denominations, in the Collection/Overflow Drawer and can be configured with one of two distinct Drawer setups
  • Efficiently remove unfit notes from circulation by selecting one of two common Drawer setups
  • Increased recycler up time as full cassettes can direct bills to the Overflow, without stopping the machine
  • Secure storage of denominations which are infrequently returned to customers


Contemporary Compact Design
  • Minimal footprint for maximum capacity