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Apollo (1-Pocket Currency Counter)

All the power of the Zeus now in 1-Pocket!


Cassida Pro Series Apollo

  • Powerful Performance: Incorporates unparalleled bill recognition technology for the fewest false rejects in the industry!


  • Advanced Counterfeit Detection: Defeats even advanced counterfeiting techniques with magnetic ink, ultraviolet, infrared and color spectrum analysis checks


  • Detailed Reporting: Provides in-depth on-screen reporting that may be exported via thumb drive or printed. 


  • A History of Success: The proven platform of the Zeus in a new more affordable one-pocket solution. 


  • Convenient Design: Ideally-located storage shelf provides a perfect place for batch bands, pens, and more


Includes Modes: Mixed, Sort,Face,orientation,ValuSort,Strapping and More!

Download The Brochure – CassidaPro_Apollo