Location Matters: Where You Can Find Wittenbach’s Products & Services

Where you can find Wittenbach's electronic security solutions
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Wittenbach offers various solutions for various organizations to ensure their business operates smoothly, effectively, and safely. 

Our electronic security solutions, which include intrusion alarms and surveillance systems, are offered and provided by companies such as Verint, DMP, Honeywell, and March Networks. In recent years, electronic security has become a focal point here at Wittenbach, and we’re expanding our deliverable services to more and more types of businesses. 

It matters to us at Wittenbach that we continue to provide these solutions for years to come to continuously create satisfied customers. However, there is something else that matters to us in regards to these solutions: the locations of where these solutions are implemented. 

Below are some examples of where a consumer could see our offered solutions in action, whether it be behind the scenes or right in front of them.

Where you can find Wittenbach's electronic security solutions

Electronic Security Solutions

Other than financial institutions, there are three other types of markets that see an immense benefit from implementing electronic solutions: Schools/Educational Campuses, Hospitals, and Warehouses.

In a time where the safety of our children is essential, especially regarding where they are receiving an education, there is a need for electronic security systems that can be trusted. We’ve worked with a handful of K-12 schools, as well as colleges and universities, to implement intrusion detection alarms, access control systems, NVRs (especially ones developed from Verint), and IP Cameras that can be watched from any location at any time thanks to evolving technology. 

Another market that sees a measurable difference from our electronic security systems is hospitals. As society is regrouping at the end of the pandemic, and the additional threat of newfound viruses emerging, it’s extremely important for hospitals to be on top of their security measures. Hospitals tend to need the most updated versions of IP Cameras in storage areas that hold vital medications, equipment, and patient information. This is so that they can make their patients, as well as internal staff, feel secure in whatever hospital they are located at. These systems are also in place for fraud protection, for it can be a common trend for some hospital workers to steal said medications, equipment, or patient information. 

Aside from some of the provided electronic systems, such as Honeywell and Verint, we also partner with Security Central to offer the most state-of-the-art technology. Through the partnership, Wittenbach has been able to provide 24 hour, complete computer and security back-up systems to make sure these markets mentioned above rarely face any electronic issues. We also make sure that the monitoring operators take pride in their work by paying the utmost attention to your market’s level of security as you demand. These operators are not only trained extensively, they also must pass a full pallet of tests and trials, as well as being carefully screened with in-depth background checks. 

Electronic and digital means of security will always be advancing as they become available. However, traditional physical security elements remain an essential part of securing assets, product, and employees overall well-being.

Where you can find Wittenbach's electronic security solutions

Physical Security Solutions

Physical security solutions include vaults (panels and doors), access control systems, safes, lockers, safe deposit boxes, under-counter systems, drive-up systems, bullet-resistant glass, deal drawers, and point-to-point systems. These physical security solutions are provided by Hamilton Security and Fenco. Wittenbach has been a partner of Hamilton for quite some time, all thanks to Hamilton’s 50-year experience and expertise in crafting reliable and secure equipment.

Financial institutions are considered a large market for physical security solutions, for most banks contain heavily secured vaults and undercounter systems. However, there are other markets that we at Wittenbach have provided our physical security solutions to, which include retail and jewelry stores.

When one thinks of “retail”, they may think of the various in-person locations that they can walk into. These stores are most often places where consumers can purchase clothing, gifts, or accessories. Security is especially important for this market so that theft and personal security stays at a minimum. In this market, we’ve provided access control systems such as keypad door-entry and and keycard entry. The cards and access codes are provided to employees only so they have access to various locations inside their business. By only giving internal employees keycards and codes, physical security will be enhanced. 

The jewelry market is also one that our services have been provided to. These stores have an immense value to them, for jewelry can be quite expensive. Because of this simple fact, it makes sense for this market to deeply care for their physical security. We’ve installed vaults, safes, and lockers to various locations that sell jewelry. One thing they know when working with Wittenbach is that their product, as well as many vital assets, will be protected. 

Both types of security systems (electronic and physical) can be the difference between having a secure organization, or one that is prone to attacks on your security. Choose Wittenbach to enhance your overall security with our offered services. 

In addition to these security systems, Wittenbach also provides cash automation solutions.

Where you can find Wittenbach's electronic security solutions

Cash Automation Solutions

Cash Automation solutions are a key component of Wittenbach’s goal of helping your business see a measurable difference. We’ve become familiar with the workings of currency counters, coin sorters, self-service coin counters, and check encoders. We also offer both financial and retail ATMs and ITMs.Managing cash transactions can be a costly, time-consuming process for financial institutions, so, teller cash recyclers and dispensers and other desktop cash automation systems can make your branch operate more efficiently as we’ve seen with some of our customers. 

With over 45 years of experience selling and servicing cash automation equipment, Wittenbach knows a thing or two (or three) about cash automation. We’ve been fortunate enough to offer these solutions to a variety of markets, but there are two in particular that are important to us: Restaurants and Financial Institutions.

Restaurants are one of the biggest money generating markets. Everyone needs to eat, but more importantly for our purposes here, everyone needs to pay for their food. One way we’ve interacted with the restaurant market is by providing standalone, island Automated Teller Machines by Hyosung to cash-only food establishments. By providing these ATMs, restaurants have seen the measurable difference in how they are viewed by customers. It allows for convenience, and if a customer forgot to bring cash, they don’t need to leave the restaurant to head to one of our other markets, financial institutions, to take cash out before returning to the restaurant to pay. 

Financial Institutions, our biggest market by far, benefit the most from our Cash Automation Solutions. We’ve partnered with many financial institutions over the years, such as Andrews Federal Credit Union, The Bank of Delmarva, The Belko Credit Community Union, and New Millenium Bank to install our cash automation solutions. These solutions include advanced Hyosung ATMs and ITMs, Cassida Zeus Pro Series Money Counters, and many other systems/money counting systems. 

In Summary 

At Wittenbach, we take pride in the multitude of services that we are able to provide. Though, without well established markets, these services would not be worthwhile. It’s important that we continue to support these markets so that our services can be used to their fullest ability. In other words, it’s equally important where Wittenbach implements these systems. Location matters, and what matters in the world of business should be understood by those conducting said business.