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Alarm Monitoring

A security monitoring system is only useful if you can depend on the results. Our customers regularly rate us highly because we provide fast, accurate responses and outstanding customer service. We offer UL-listed burglary protection systems, 24 hour generator and complete computer and security back-up systems. We are committed to offering the most state-of-the-art technology available.

Our People Make the Difference

Our monitoring operators take great pride in paying as much attention to security as you demand. Our operators undergo extensive training, must pass a full battery of tests and trials and are carefully screened and subjected to background checks. Our people go the extra mile to assure maximum protection and response for our customers.


Real Flexibility

We deal with institutions of every size, in a variety of industries. We can work with you to help you select the ideal monitoring solution for your business and ensure your needs are met.


For Alarm Monitoring account updates or report request please send request to