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Wittenbach partners with Nautilus-Hyonsung and Triton to offer our customers in the financial and retail industries state-of-the-art automated teller machines. Let us find the ideal ATM solution for your company, to help you lower costs, reduce risk and provide better service to your customers.

Nautilus-Hyosung ATMs

Wittenbach is an approved Nautilus-Hyosung Master VAR (value-added reseller). Nautilus-Hyosung the fastest growing full-function ATM company in the U.S.A. Models include:

Nautilus MX8800

MX8800 manages routine self-service transactions seamlessly and supports employee-assisted transactions—either in person or via video link—when needed.The result? The ability for your branch to handle more transactions with existing resources.

Nautilus 7600 DR

Multifunctional ATM for maximum operating efficiency and scalability. The ATM creates a user friendly feel during the transaction. Equipped with sunlight viewable LCD and user-oriented module architecture, Monimax 7600D is a smart choice for financial institutions looking to provide stable and hassle-free experience at the ATM.

Nautilus 7600 T

Monimax 7600T is the ideal choice for handling high-volume transactions with the capacity to hold up to 12,000 notes. It offers the newest technology which accepts bundle-note and bundle-check deposits.


Wittenbach sells and services Triton financial ATMs for in-store and lobby applications.

Triton RL5000

It’s simply the most cost competitive embedded PC ATM in the market. Triton’s embedded PC-based RL5000 is changing the way people think about ATMs. This model offers a stunning 10.4 inch LCD display and a long list of value-added transactions – all at a much lower price point than other PC-based machines.

Triton RL2000

Triton’s all-new RL2000, the latest and greatest low-cost ATM for retail locations. With the widest range of dispensing mechanisms we’ve ever offered, it’s the ideal choice for everyone from small c-stores and restaurateurs, to major hotel and retail chains.

Triton RL1600

Triton’s most affordable, feature-rich off-premise ATM. With a color display, TCP/IP communication capabilities, and a robust Windows operating system for faster transactions — the RL1600 is packed with many extras normally reserved for machines twice its price.

ATM Kiosks

Wittenbach can custom order and install kiosk buildings for remote and island ATMs, often with a “point to point” money mover system.