4 Reasons Geography Matters in Commercial Security Planning

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There’s a lot that goes into commercial security planning. While electronic security and physical security are important, they aren’t the only aspects you need to consider. Geography matters when conducting commercial security planning. 

Where your business is located plays a vital role in understanding how to secure it and keep your employees, customers, and assets safe. That’s because geography affects how you secure a location, how you deter criminal activity, and what threats you may face. 

Here are 4 reasons why geography matters when commercial security planning.

1. Your Usable Outdoor Space May Vary 

Along with electronic security and physical security, geography is an important aspect of commercial security planning.

Warmer areas translate for more opportunities to be outside in the sun, especially year-round. If your commercial buildings are located in warmer, southern climates, you may have a larger physical outdoor space to secure. 

A larger outdoor space may have more access points that need to be controlled. You may have a main entrance to your building, emergency exits, and multiple footpaths or driveways. 

Of course, with a larger outdoor space, you may need to expand your surveillance coverage. You should consider adding additional cameras to cover your outdoor space. You may also need to upgrade your NVR (network video recorder) for greater video storage capacity or to hook up additional cameras. 

Finally, a larger space is going to require additional lighting to properly illuminate entrances and exits, parking lots, and other nearby areas.

2. It Affects How Customers Are Served

Along with electronic security and physical security, geography is an important aspect of commercial security planning.

Both the weather and the size of your outdoor space will also affect how you serve your customers. If you’re a bank or financial institution, you may want to have a drive-through window. Or you may want an ATM or several ATMs to better serve your customers. Obviously, outdoor spaces such as these will require security solutions such as cameras. While being able to service your customers with outdoor kiosks, teller machines, and other devices is convenient for them, it may not be safe without the property security solutions in place. 

You may also want to incorporate other exterior security solutions, such as fencing, signage, and gates. These can help control access to your outdoor space, especially after hours. As well as being a deterrent, they can also help guide and direct customers and visitors.

3. It Determines Your Future Locations

Along with electronic security and physical security, geography is an important aspect of commercial security planning.

Within the U.S. alone, the climate can change drastically. So can your exposure to natural disasters. Your business’ location in the U.S. could mean you are prone to earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, or other natural disasters. Most likely, your region is prone to multiple potential disasters, so you will need to take that into consideration when either securing an existing location or choosing a new location for your business. 

That means your geographical location can affect the security you need. In our previous post on installing bank vaults, we mentioned how they can prevent damage to valuables, even in the event of major natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes. While you can go the traditional poured concrete route, you could also opt for a modular vault, which may be a better option for odd-shaped rooms. If you are in an area where natural disasters are frequent, the upfront investment of a more secure vault may be worth looking into. 

Your business may also want to take advantage of other, smaller security products such as safes, lockers, and safe deposit boxes.

4. Your Landscaping May Be Affected

Along with electronic security and physical security, geography is an important aspect of commercial security planning.

The local climate and natural features will also affect your landscaping, which in turn will affect your security needs. 

A well-manicured outdoor space implies a property is maintained. It’s about more than a property looking nice. It communicates that the property is frequented often and that someone is watching over it. 

Keeping bushes trimmed and tree branches clear of windows can further help deter crime. It can prevent hiding places for would-be criminals. Likewise, windows that are covered or obscured by vegetation can prevent your employees or security from identifying suspicious people on your property. 

The same could be said for fencing a large property. Your initial thought may be to install a solid fence, obscuring a clear view of your property. However, an open fence allows for greater visibility, leaves fewer places to hide, and can still look attractive. 

Landscape lighting can help eliminate shadows and illuminate potential troublemakers. Properly placed lighting can also highlight entranceways, exits, and commonly frequented places such as benches. As an added benefit, it can keep your employees and customers safer too, providing visibility for them, especially during periods of inclement weather or low visibility.

Commercial Security Planning With Wittenbach

When conducting security planning for either your existing commercial location or when planning security for a new commercial space, understanding the local geography can help inform your security and safety plans. Regardless of where your property is located, you need to work with the local geography to maximize safety and security. 

However, geography is only one aspect of security planning. You also need to work with security professionals. When you work with Wittenbach, we can help take the guesswork out of your security planning. We will work with you to find the solutions to your security needs. 

Since 1974, Wittenbach has been providing security solutions to financial institutions and businesses of all sizes. Whether you have one location or multiple commercial properties, we can help secure your commercial property with our electronic and physical security solutions. With over four decades of experience, we know what it takes to make your commercial security planning a success. We partner with leading manufacturers such as Hyosung, Verint, Hamilton Safe, and DMP. This allows us to serves customers in our home state of Maryland, as well as customers throughout the Midwest and East Coast. 

When you work with Wittenbach, you’re partnering with a trusted organization that can solve your biggest challenges and transforms your business.

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