3 Solutions That Will Keep Your ATM Vestibule Safe

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As discussed in a recent Wittenbach blog, Three Reasons Why Branches Continue to be Relevant, customers continue to value access to ATM machines in a branch location. Entrance security vestibules can be a convenient stopping point for those who are out and about in the city and need to deposit or withdraw cash. These areas, that can be better described as a room that leads into a large spaced area such as a banking or hotel lobby are designed to reduce heat loss, withhold a larger space view, and provide space for ATMs or ITMs.

Customers that have access to their bank or credit union’s ATM vestibule experience the benefits of a moment of warmth and protection from weather elements, in addition to a secure environment while conducting financial transactions. However, this feeling of comfort and security can be compromised, so it is important for your branch to understand how to protect your vestibule from vulnerabilities.

The security of you ATM vestibule can be compromised, so it is important for your branch to understand how to protect it from vulnerabilities.

Cities across the United States are experiencing a rise in the rate of illegal foot traffic into unauthorized areas, such as security vestibules. Across the city of New York, financial institutions have decided to close their ATM vestibules at around 10 to 11 p.m. to reduce the risk of theft, vandalization, loitering, and other illegal activities by those who are not clientele of the financial institution.

This has angered their members, since they are only granted access to the vestibule if they have a debit or credit card belonging to the financial institution.

Many banks have sought out ways to combat this issue, but a handful have decided to simply lock up their doors at a certain time of the night. In turn, this action most likely will disappoint customers that are out on the town late at night and need to make a quick stop at an ATM vestibule.

Here at Wittenbach, we understand there are many solutions that can create a powerful level of security to your bank’s ATM vestibule to ensure satisfied customers all around. Here are three for immediate consideration: 

Solution One: Verint NVR System

The security of you ATM vestibule can be compromised, so it is important for your branch to understand how to protect it from vulnerabilities.

At Wittenbach, we work with a trusted and reliable partner, Verint, to provide your financial institution with electronic security systems to ensure your employees, clients, and infrastructure are protected at all times. 

The DVR, or digital video recorder, was the longtime standard security system for banks and credit unions. With Verint, we are able to introduce NVRs, or network video recorders, that sit at the cutting edge of security systems. These network video recorders allow for branches to digitally view footage that has been recorded from the cameras, and can be watched anywhere. The Verint NVR system pairs best with Verint’s family of digital or hybrid IP cameras, which act as a high-resolution watchful eye over your branch footprint, even in places where humans can’t physically access. As a result of their abilities to detect and deter crime, Verint’s NVR systems, such as the EdgeVR 300, easily deliver a return on your branch’s investments in cost and time.

The use of Verint solutions can also be extended to ATM vestibules. With Verint’s NVR systems by our side, our trained technicians and management team can design a system that can observe the outdoor entryway of an ATM vestibule. This system can also be placed inside the ATM vestibule to make sure the specified area is safe and secure, keep tabs on any loitering customers, and provide theft deterrents. 

The security cameras that work with Verint’s NVR system can capture footage of any criminal activity that occurs in or around the vestibule, which can be used as evidence to help identify and prosecute suspects. Additionally, the presence of surveillance cameras can serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals, as they are less likely to attempt a crime if they know they are being watched.

In the event that both physical and electronic security solutions don’t seem a good fit for your financial institutions ATM vestibule, there is a cash automotive solution. 

Solution Two: Hyosung Innovue ATMs and ITMs

The security of you ATM vestibule can be compromised, so it is important for your branch to understand how to protect it from vulnerabilities.

Hyosung develops top-of-the-line ATM and ITM solutions. We are thankful that we get to work with Hyosung to deliver reliable cash automotive machines to financial institutions that need an upgrade from their older ATM or ITMs.

Hyosung offers an advanced series of ITMs that come equipped with many features that can keep your branch’s security’s vestibule safe at all times. The 8300 series of ITMs can have an EMV dip or motorized track for card reading. For additional security, an anti-skimming device is optional. Its larger sized 24” wide LCD screen allows for customers to conduct easier transactions. These ITMs are programmed with Microsoft® Windows and CEN/X FS 3.10 (or later), and have UL291 Level 1 Safe rating.

According to ARCA, “Ratings within the UL291 standard further classify safes as Business Hours or 24-hour (Level 1).” A Level 1 rating means the safe offers acceptable protection when the equipment is unsupervised.” 

If your branch is looking for an alternative solution aside from the Hyosung 8300 series ITM to keep your ATM vestibule safe, there is an ATM model developed by Hyosung Innovue that is sure to keep your financial institution’s ATM (and the assets inside) safe from any criminal activity: The Hyosung Series 7 ATM.

The line of Series 7 ATMs form Hyosung Innovue are designed to fit in an array of locations. There is the 7D, a drive-up model; the 7T, a through-the-wall model; and the 7I, an island model. The Series 7 ATMs are also rated UL291 Level 1 Safe.

Each Series 7 ATM also includes a locking device which prevents theft and can be upgraded if desired. This locking device is the perfect piece of machinery for an ATM that is placed in a branch’s vestibule. It will make it harder for criminals to steal vital assets from their vestibule ATM. In addition, an “awareness mirror” is built into the ATM. This allows clients to ensure nobody is standing too closely behind them to watch their transactions and steal any confidential information. In addition, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) offers hardware-based security functions.

Make sure your branch’s ATM or ITM can withstand the increasing levels of crime associated with ATM vestibules by implementing Hyosung’s cash automation machines into your branch’s operations. 

Solution Three: Maintain Health and Safety

The security of you ATM vestibule can be compromised, so it is important for your branch to understand how to protect it from vulnerabilities.

According to the American Bankers Association, there are many practical solutions to maintaining a safe ATM environment, including:

  • Keeping landscaping clear and clean, to create an easily scanned environment for customers
  • Ensuring lights are in good, working order to make sure all of the ATM’s services are in clear view and can be readily used by your customers
  • Consider recommendations as suggested by The Banking Journal, and install infrared mirrors to monitor temperature for potentially detecting illness, and density sensors to manage the flow of traffic. If needed in the future during a branch transformation, these measures can help keep your customers comfortable to enter your branch.

One company that is reliable in regards to access control for a financial institution’s ATM Vestibule is DMP. They offer two solutions, the XR550 and Virtual Keypad, that can assist with keeping ATM Vestibules safe and secure–even remotely!

Physical security solutions can immensely benefit a financial institution’s overall security. However, if keeping your ATM vestibule physically secure is not enough, there is an electronic solution that can be implemented into the outside and inside of an ATM vestibule: security cameras.


With the ever-increasing rates of crime and loitering activity happening in ATM vestibules across the nation, it’s more important than ever to care about security and the lives and assets it protects.

There are many solutions that can be implemented individually to ensure a safe and secure ATM vestibule. Though, due to the sharpened skills and tools of would-be criminals, it’s recommended to consider implementing all three solutions to develop an all-around layer of security for your branch’s ATM. 

Contact us today for advice on purchasing and maintaining any of the above solutions.